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Red light a$$hole

nut or what?
Several times I heard this old guy screaming RED LIGHT ASSHOLE on Hawthorne and figured him for another burned out wino off his meds. Last week he was crossing at 39th and I was right behind him. We both were crossing legally with the walk light when a cab made a left turn on a red light right straight at the both of us in the cross walk. The RLA guy stopped him in the middle of the street a did his scream right into the open cab window while the driver was yakking on a cell phone. It scared the hell out him and was a hoot. Now I get it. The RLA guy is right. He is being a citizen cop more or less. Portland cops are nearly useless, unless you need one to help you commit suicide. They never do a damn thing about the assholes on Hawthorne that treat bikes and people like road kill targets. I think I will try screaming at a few assholes. Who knows. It might help make the hood a little safer for the rest of us.
Is discourtesy useful? 20.Mar.2006 19:22


One of the premises in any course on safe driving is that discourtesy is a precursor to accidents. I suspect that your discourtesy to what you feel to be unsafe drivers will not have the effect of making anyone safer, but merely frightening or pissing off the drivers. This will surely have the opposite of your intended effect. Only by exibiting a greater courtesy and an alertness to others mistakes can saftey be enhanced.

Cabs are the worst offenders 20.Mar.2006 21:49


I was in a similar situation as yours crossing with a guy I know
in the crosswalk - with the walk signal in our favor.
As some idiot cab driver made a right turn in front of us
(barely an inch to spare), my friend (wearing steel-toed boots)
kicked the holy shit outta his rear passenger door.
The cabbie freaked and threatened to call PoPo.
At which point my friend let him know that he "walked" into
the cabbie's car while he had the right-of-way in the crosswalk.
The cabbie drove away with a very nasty dent in his back door.

thanks for cheering me up 20.Mar.2006 23:37


Ooh these are great stories. Thanks.

is "discourtesy" useful? 21.Mar.2006 04:20

yes it is

> One of the premises in any course on safe driving is that discourtesy is a precursor to accidents

Irresponsible driving is a precursor to accidents. In this example we're talking about what to do after the "accident" has already occurred. Is it discourteous to aim your car at a pedestrian? Yes it is. Is ANYTHING such a pedestrian does afterwards "discourteous," or is it entirely warranted and necessary to break through the criminally irresponsible motorist's physical and psychological insulation?

Listen, liberal idiot, the world's problems do not follow from a fundamental root that people aren't polite enough. There, I was rude. Go have an "accident" and blame it on me.

Pissed off 21.Mar.2006 08:41

some guy

My first reaction was that yelling at bad drivers was just adding to the negativity in the world. It is more sensible to try to politely and safely let them go. It was the "asshole" part that got me past that idea. Motorists who run red lights, stop signs, cut off pedestrians and cyclists are assholes. They define the word - arrogant, selfish, brutish, careless, reckless, etc. These are not people who are going to respond to a polite request to behave civily. These are the bullies who will greedily take every advantage regardless of others.

So I have changed my mind. They are assholes and it takes either a cop on their tail or in the absense of that an in the face statement that what they are doing is NOT ok. Yelling is a good start, a warning ticket. Baseball bats and rocks are next, fines.

There is a need in most communities for some kind of policing of the basics related to public safety. The Portland police may have lost their grounding in this. Due in large part to the recent murders of annoying citizens and attacks on protestors by the local police I have lost all respect for them. I would have reason to reconsider some of my doubts if they would resume one fundamental job I pay to do and that is to enforce the reasonable laws that protect the safety of our streets.

Eye contact 21.Mar.2006 18:05


at intersections - whether I'm driving, biking, or cross-walking - I _always_ make the effort to have direct eye contact with the driver at opposite/adjacent corner, who's turning/approaching.

whatever it takes (esp. with today's cellphone-driver addicts, they're just as big a nuisance when not at an intersection)........ even if it means _yelling_ "RLA" .....