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actions & protests | police / legal m19 2006

URGENT call Wyden now

Right now there are 19 protestors at Senator Ron Wyden's office at the federal building. Authorities are refusing to allow legal observers in the building to observe the action. Please call Wyden's office to demand that legal observers are allowed to enter the building. Numbers to call are below:
Ron Wyden's offices:
Portland, OR
(503) 326-7525

Washington, DC
(202) 224-5244

Salem, OR
(503) 589-4555
phone receptionist needs manners 20.Mar.2006 15:10

a caller

she wouldn't talk to me about it at all, and was kind of snippy. she said "all i can do is pass along a message" so i left one to allow the legal observers in, and that such a closed door policy was not good for the community.

just for clarification 20.Mar.2006 15:12

a caller

this is regarding the eugene action

not Eugene 20.Mar.2006 16:03

PLDN (Portland Legal Defense Network)

no, this is for the action occuring now at the federal building in portland

who does he represent? 20.Mar.2006 17:41

tired ' o this crap

Ron doesn't care. He knows that his only allegiance is to Isreal and that the oregon dildos that voted for him will not fight for anything but bottle refunds.

Why bother 20.Mar.2006 21:52


I'm sure his staff would have returned the calls in a day or two.