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Lars Larson Spreading Lies, Again

Listening to Lars Larsons Show today, it is clear he is lying once again to further his own pro-Bush/pro-War agenda.
It appears Lars has been mislead to think that yesterday's Portland war protest rally and march was a wash. With counts of over ten thousand, I find his statements that "it was small, smaller than last year and smaller than two years ago", to be ridiculous and just more of the same pro-war rhetoric we hear coming out of his ham eating mouth. I guess when you depend on being a paid whore for the Bush Administration you will say anything and do anything even if it lacks logic, knowledge and common sense.
Smaller than last year.... 20.Mar.2006 12:46


....but guess what else is much smaller than last year? Approval for the war. Approval for Bush is down to 33 percent.

I'm proud of the people of Portland for having the largest rally in the United States this weekend and the second-largest in the world (London: 15,000; Chicago: 7,000). However, this should just be a start - engage people at work, school, church, and in bars and coffeeshops. You'll find a lot of people are sick and tired of the war and have no respect for Bush.

My dad's girlfriend liked my wife's "Impeach Bush" button. This is in a purple-to-red suburb. Think how unpopular he is in blue areas like the city of Portland, or even purple suburbs...

Lars suffers from the small member comples 20.Mar.2006 14:15


Ten thousand marchers, wow! I was there and it was impressive. Kudos to all who organized, contributed, and participated. Lars, the liar, is just jealous that the March was larger than his listeners, and more creative.

MESAGE TO Ol' LL: Suck it up, 'couver boy, your days are numbered.
Looking back on Bradway
Looking back on Bradway
Looking toward the Stage from the back
Looking toward the Stage from the back
In the crowd, toward the Stage
In the crowd, toward the Stage

but guess what else is much smaller than last year"?" 20.Mar.2006 14:45

Pravda or Consequences

Maybe Lars' privates?

In the future, fucking will be fighting.

it it smaller then last year...... 20.Mar.2006 15:58


Um, this years march was smaller then last years and the one before that. There was more then 10K people last year.

this 3rd anniversary march was much larger than the 1st 2 20.Mar.2006 18:13


Day X we rallied at Terry Shrunk plaza, the first anniversary at Pioneer Square, and the second at the square the Tram goes through at PSU. that 2nd Anniversary march that started at Pioneer Square was the largest previous to yesterday and we fit quite comfortably in Pioneer Suare. There were far more people at the Waterfront than we had in in Pioneer Square. By the crowd counting analysis opposition to the war is way up over last year.
imagine this crowd in Pioneer Square
imagine this crowd in Pioneer Square

Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes 20.Mar.2006 20:50

Lars Larson

Pay no attention to that front page Oregonian photo. It only appears to show protestors overflowing the park. Pay no attention to the (somewhat) scant news coverage of folks filling Broadway side walk to sidewalk for as far as the eye can see. The march hadn't completely left the park before the lead banner was rounding the Oregonian on Braodway. But that's only what you saw, and you can't trust your lying eyes.

It needs to be pointed out 20.Mar.2006 23:17

pencil pushing bean counter

This claim of the march being in the area of 9-10 thousand, which I have seen accepted by posters on this site, is erronious. It was an off the cuff estimation by the police, using no methodology. I left the intersection of Jefferson and Broadway on my bike to find the end of the march, I didn't find it until I got to Naito and Davis which is 21 blocks. I'm assuming the front of the march had gone at least 4 blocks in my 10 minutes of travel, for a conservative estimate of 25 blocks. This is roughly the same size as an anti-war march that took place in January of 2003 which the police estimated as "over 25,000". A 9,000 person march assumes there are only 350 per block. Look at the post that says March 19th photos part 1, the 4th to last picture shows the front of the march on 4th Ave. by Pioneer Place Mall. 350 per block assumes there are 7 groups of 50 in a block. Yet if count to fifty you will see there are at least 50 people in the first two "rows", therefore a much higher per block count. I think the best rough estimation is approximately 30,000.
End communication.