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Fur protest case - State v. Faveluke - what's the opposite of a Pyrrhic victory?

Frederick Faveluke, who was cited for crossing outside a crosswalk at 9th and Morrison during the Jan. 28 anti-fur rally outside Schumacher Furs, convicted of jaywalking, but entire fine suspended.
I represented Fred Faveluke, who was issued a citation for jaywalking (crossing outside a crosswalk) at the January 28 protest outside Schumacher Furs, in a bench trial this morning in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Even though Mr. Faveluke was convicted of crossing the street outside a crosswalk, the judge suspended the entire fine. I'd like to think the judge viewed the whole picture - that the cop cited him because of his proximity to the protest, not because of the danger he posed to himself, motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.
Justice 20.Mar.2006 12:59

Ben Waiting

Nice to see Justice
Thanks for setting the facts straight for Frederick citation

Power To The People 20.Mar.2006 14:05

A People

Aaron: Who was the judge who heard the case? Would like to send him a letter thanking him for his decision and insight.

thanks 20.Mar.2006 17:16

catherine portland legal defense network

Thanks for taking this case Aaron. It is important that NLG lawyers like you self keep helping us out. I know that you took this case pro-bono. We really need the continued help of local NLG attorneys to protect our rights. Even these small cases are important.

thanks for the update and for 20.Mar.2006 22:28


taking the case. Lawyers like you give the rest a GOOD name!