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actions & protests | political theory m19 2006

Burning flags

I could care less if you burn the flag, after all the Bush Administration has done much worse to the Constitution.
If you are going to burn it, find a cotton one instead of a nylon or polyester one. They stink when burned. Much more environmentally friendly too.
hurray for anarchy 20.Mar.2006 11:46

didn't see you burning a cotton one

no really, i like being followed around by armed guards all day. talk talk talk. cannot will not accept bs talk about salvaging "america" taking back "our" country. ups pulling magic carpet out from under you. was your cotton flag. awfully cold on street : no clothes, dragged, beaten, pepper spray. just exaggerting. guess you just can't imagine. btw, hope you get your country back dude.

Made it certain that I got a cotton one 21.Mar.2006 20:35


You know it was kind of convenient. I had a stinky ol' stain filled cotton flag sitting in my closet, and I thought "what a better way to dispose of it. So there were cotton flags, and when it burned it didnt leave that much residue nor did it stink that badly. Even when burning flags, I try to be a environmentally safe as possible.