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Accountability, now? Hill, yes!

Brother & Sisters, Family, Friends and Neighbors:

"Jim Hill for Governor"

This Green will be putting everything I have behind Jim Hill. I'll be changing my registration to Democrat so that I can vote for Jim Hill in the primary. I have been involved with the endorsement process with my union SEIU503 and we have spent several months on this. I am so proud that we are voting for somebody instead of the lesser of two evils. It was so much fun listening to the passion of members make this plea. It was a major union democracy step to make this decision. We are going to give this all we have and we will win for taking the high road in our efforts.
"Accountability, now? Hill yes! We can make history; we can do this; we must do this. We can win with Jim Hill on May 16."
Joe DiNicola, President SEIU503

Here is SEIU503's announcement of the Jim Hill endorsement:  http://seiu503.org/hillyes/hillyes.cfm

Jim Hill for Governor website
President Joe's Journal, Vol 2, Flash Edition March 19, 2006

To all SEIU Local 503, OPEU Members:

It's not every day we can change history. But March 18, 2006 in Salem was not any ordinary day. On behalf of over 35,000 SEIU Local 503, OPEU members, it is my honor to announce that the member leaders on our Board of Directors and Oregon State Council voted to endorse Jim Hill for Governor.

In this special Flash Edition of President Joe's Journal, learn more about Jim Hill's historic bid to unseat Ted Kulongoski as Governor and why that's great news for Oregon. Nearly two hundred members interviewed 5 candidates on March 11. By an overwhelming majority, members say Jim Hill has the experience, integrity, vision and know how to win and to move Oregon forward for working families.

Accountability Now? Hill Yes!

Jim Hill's record as a legislator and two-term State Treasurer demonstrates that working families matter to him. He knows Oregon works because we work for Oregon. Jim Hill will work to make a difference for all Oregonians. From affordable health care to stable funding for public services to protecting workers' rights, he says we must move Oregon forward.

*At a time when DHS faces a $172 million shortfall, Jim Hill will be the Governor who fights to make PGE/Enron and their corporate cronies pay more than $10/year in income tax.

*At a time when Oregon's elderly population is growing rapidly, Jim Hill will be the Governor who fights to expand - not stop - enrollment in the homecare program.

*At a time when health care costs rise much faster than inflation, Jim Hill will be the Governor who is not afraid to take on drug companies and the insurance industry.

For months, members from Portland to Ashland, from Coos Bay to Ontario and from LaGrande to Gold Beach and everywhere in between have been asking, "Is there anyone we can support for Governor?" SEIU Local 503, OPEU members know that politicians must be accountable to working families. Members know that it's not enough to make a promise; elected officials must keep each promise or risk losing the next election.

Ted Kulongoski called our pension a "moral promise" when he wanted our vote in 2002. But he told us he didn’t plan to honor that promise the very day he took office. We know a deal should be a deal, but a secure retirement is only one issue that makes a difference for our families and our future.

Every day, members work to provide the vital services Oregonians rely on to keep our families, neighbors and communities strong. We need a Governor who will provide stable funding for our schools and vital public services to move Oregon forward. We need a Governor who will show up to fight for affordable health care and lead Oregon to a healthy economic future. We need a Governor who respects working families and will be a leader for all Oregonians. SEIU members want accountability now.

Our Board of Directors, who are working members like you, made a thoughtful and bold decision to endorse Jim Hill for Governor. The stakes are high. Each and every member in every city and town in Oregon must start today and do what only you can do so well. Tell your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors and your families:

"Accountability, now? Hill yes! We can make history; we can do this; we must do this. We can win with Jim Hill on May 16."
Joe DiNicola, President SEIU503>
Proud to stand up? 20.Mar.2006 10:04


If you are a Green switching parties and so proud to be supporting Jim Hill, why don't you use your real name?

My real name is Wes Brain 20.Mar.2006 10:56

Wes Brain

I am a very proud green. I temporarily switched to the D's previously for Dennis Kucinich, also.