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Brits tell Amerika's Jackass Drunkard to fight Iran without them

In honor of today's report that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez called George W. Bush
a "donkey" (aka: jackass) & a "drunkard", I've duped him the Jackass Drunkard
in bringing this report that tells of the British breaking with the US on the
Bush inspired lunacy of war with Iran, in their informing that they will NOT
be an active participant in any armed action against Iran...
 link to www.jang.com.pk

By Patrick Seale
DUBAI: Britain has told the United States that it will not take part in any armed action against Iran's nuclear sites, according to diplomatic sources in London. Already facing huge public criticism for his participation in the Iraq war, Prime Minister Tony Blair is seeking to distance himself from America's belligerent rhetoric towards Iran.
Blair knows he would probably not survive the political storm if Britain joined in an attack on Iran. The concern in Whitehall, however, is that the Bush administration, egged on by Israel and its powerful friends in the United States, risks developing an unstoppable momentum towards war a war in which Britain clearly wants no part...

 link to www.jang.com.pk

If the Brit's don't help fight, wonder if George will finally get his two slutty daughter's to join the
US Army along with Donald Rumsfeld's grandchildren, and all these rich-Repubithugs get their kids and
grandkids in uniform to take up the slack caused by the Brits bowing out of this needless fight?