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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

Tens of Thousands Rally and March in Downtown Portland Against the Occupation of Iraq

Peace Rally & March Photos, 03/19/06 A great event! Thousands attended, rallied at Waterfront Park and marched to the tune of many different drums. The Portland Drum Corps, the March Forth Band, much music and spontaneous chants and an enormous outpouring of heart, soul, and physical reisistance to the growing evil being visited upon the people of this land and by the people of this land upon the peoples of the world. [ read more >> ]

M19 Pics and Report I showed up a little bit late, around 2:00 or so. On the way into town on the MAX, I noticed something I never see on my way to protest: other protestors on the move! Comming in from suburbia, there were about 10 other people on the train on their way to the rally. All through town people were converging. When I finally arrived at the waterfront, I couldn't belive my eyes: there were thousands upon thousands of people; more than I had ever seen at a rally anywhere. My initial estimate was about 10,000-15,000 but people kept flooding the park while the speakers spoke so by the time we marched there must have been 20,000-40,000 people. [ read more >> ]

Waterfront Park Rally Here are a few shots from todays gathering. All the speakers and musicians were emotional, urgent and motivating. Because I was at the front of the stage, I had no idea what the estimated crowd was this afternoon. It would be interesting to read what the total turn out was today. Thank-you Oregon and SW Washington for exercising your right to assemble and redress our grievances. Throw the bums out this November. [ read more >> ]

Report from the M19 Rally and March As people spoke of the challenges we face, I felt that the speech was strong, eloquent even. Yet when it turned to what should be done about those challenges we face, it felt weak and stilted. I agree that everyone should vote, yet with the vote fraud that has happened the past two elections, there isn't even a guarantee that ones vote will be counted in the column that the person chose. No, voting is nowhere near enough. And what troubles me about suggesting people to vote, is that voting is far away in time. It is unsure, and far away. We need action that is sure and close. No specific action was called for other than vote, and give money. [ read more >> ]

Spontaneous action in the burbs We knew that our friends and neighbors and fellow activists would be doing us proud in Portland today, so we decided to take our stand to a smaller town in the valley. We chose Canby and took our Peace flag and one that said "Imagine" and stood on the old log bridge overpass next to the Canby shopping center. Highway 99 runs just beneath it. At first it seemed pretty lonely up there. We stood and watched the cars roll by and then suddenly someone honked and flashed the peace sign. That gave us the needed spark to stand there longer. [ read more >> ]

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