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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

breaking news for m19

List of breaking news items posted on m19 2006 concerning the march and rally in Portland Oregon.
breaking news - March 19
6:31PM PST:March and Rally are over. Coverage is over. There is a post-march entertainment thing at Waterfront Park.
3:55PM PST:Several lock-downs taking place around the city. read more >>
3:53PM PST:Report from downtown thinks the size might be 50,000 or more people, great signs, people are cheerful, and the downtown is filled with people.
3:48PM PST:Report from Pioneer Square saying marchers have been passing for more than an hour and there may be 30,000 present.
3:35PM PST:Report of police targeting the blac-block, being confronted, and then retreating as the march continues.
3:33PM PST:Report from 4th and Jefferson estimates the crowd size at 4-5000 and says the march has been going very smoothly.
3:12PM PST:The march in Portland is beginning now, reports of more than 1000 people. [ radio call-ins ]