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Photogs of M19 March and Rally

Photographs of the extremely well attended anti war rally and march this day, March 19, 2006, the third anniversary of United States continuing aggression against the world..
A great event! Thousands attended, rallied at Waterfront Park and marched to the tune of many different drums. The Portland Drum Corps, the March Forth Band, much music and spontaneous chants and an enormous outpouring of heart, soul, and physical reisistance to the growing evil being visited upon the people of this land and by the people of this land upon the peoples of the world.

Say what you will about the ineffectiveness of these mass demonstrations. I think that the thousands and thousands and thousands who attended this event might have cause to disbelieve you. The folks at this event were "ordinary" Americans, drawn to the streets by their resistance to tyranny and despotism, however nuanced by a lapdog media, however excused and justified by lofty phrases, often repeated and falsely passing for fact. These everyday, work a day human beings, chose to spend their day in the solidarity of peace, justice, and the spirit of humanity lacking in both our foreign and our domestic policy.
Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, we see it will never end. We cannot depend upon our elected leaders to deliver us from the evil they have deliberately passed upon the world. By their aquiesence in approving and further funding this Occupation, our elected leaders have demonstrated that it is their values which have brought us and the rest of the planet to the brink of exhaustion. And it is up to the people to right that wrong, each in their own way, as One People of One Earth.

From the music and speeches in the begining to the speeches and music at the ending, a joy filled the air, diametrically in opposition to the grief, the outrage, the untold abuse of the human spirit which passes for our daily ration in the Corporate Snooz. There is much work to be done, and there is no reason why we can't sing and dance at times during the uphill implementation of Peace. This was the real demonstration today; yea, resist the war, in love and respect for the diversity of Human Beings, everywhere voicing our opposition to the tyranny exampled in Washington DeCeit and other world capitals who have bartered their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

Here are some photogs of our community in Joy and righteous resistance to Velvet Fascism. Audio of the speakers will soon follow.

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Of, For and By the people 19.Mar.2006 20:34


Sailing high with dreams of peace. Super pictures.

Heres a few more shots 19.Mar.2006 21:55


Heres a few of my shots from todays rally.
Sign of the times
Sign of the times
At the Union Gospel Mission
At the Union Gospel Mission
Cop watching
Cop watching

where have all the unions gone? 20.Mar.2006 02:00


where were they? all those workers in big blocks of brightly colored t-shirts?

just wondering what you all think.

i had a great time dancing with the march fourth band. it was all in all a glorious day, but it felt like there were a lot of people missing.

what will it take?


unions were there 20.Mar.2006 07:26


I saw quite a few union folks including teachers and postal workers-maybe you missed them in the crowd

Great job Portland! 21.Mar.2006 13:06

MJ mjm@notinourname.net

Great job Portland! I love the pictures and would love to se more! The sign that says "Weuck! Throw Us Out Now!" laid me out!
We rocked it out in Ohio too but not anywhere near these kind of numbers...way to go!
Now lets put our energy into driving out the regime! Voting is NOT enough we must keep up the independent historical political action and do it in the streets!
Silence and paralysis are NOT acceptable.
If you appeal to the democrats to be that which they are not, you be become what they are.
That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn-or be forced-to accept.
The future is unwritten, which one we get is up to us.

i wish i were there..... 21.Mar.2006 17:35


how AMAZING that so many people turned out!!! i wish i could have been there - i'm in santa fe and there was a small event (very small) here. it made me cry to see the pictures. portland, you are my spiritual home.

I agree with your fight for freedom and democracy 22.Mar.2006 02:05

Alessandro Capece antiglo@yahoo.it

I'm so happy to listen to words spontaneous and full of truth. It's reality but it seems poetry.
I'm following passionately the tragedy of a nation like yours which suffers becuase of the criminal choises of its President. I hope in your victory.
I think you must compell your representatives to present immediately a bill for Bush impeachment. He is a danger for the world. You should harry up to get your aim.
You can also throw your soldiers to refuse to fight.
However your fight is mine. So I hope that the world will be changed by the strenght of our ideas.
I'll be by your side forever.
A lot of wish.