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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

Waterfront Park Rally

Photos from todays Peace March and rally
Here are a few shots from todays gathering.All the speakers and musicians were emotional,urgent and motivating.Because I was at the front of the stage, I had no idea what the estimated crowd was this afternoon.It would be interesting to read what the total turn out was today.Thank-you Oregon and SW Washington for exercising your right to assemble and redress our grievances.
Throw the bums out this November.

Great pictures 19.Mar.2006 17:38


Thanks for your quick posting. Great pictures. I heard on the corp media that there were 10,000 people at the rally, but others posting on Indy have said as many as 50,000 might have been there. Each voice matters!

Photoset of Portland, Oregon 19.Mar.2006 18:31

Shaun Apple loveacrossborders@gmail.com

More pics of the protest in Portland, OR:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/print/sets/72057594086005055/

Awesome crowd 19.Mar.2006 19:21


Twas an awesome crowd today, so good to be with peace people and see my friends from all the groups. I heard there were about 15,000 people. While waiting for the yellow MAX I saw police cars going by loading with cops wearing those clear face protectors. I'm thinking, Uh-Oh, please leave us alone. Let us dance on our day!

Food For Thought 19.Mar.2006 19:54

Hungry Every Day

I see lots of beautiful and creative signs out there. The war will still be going on tomorrow, so lets keep our resistance in the public eye. Couldn't your front yard, local street corner, or neighborhood park use some artistic food for thought? Before calling it a day, why not contribute your sign to a public space. Imagine if every placard there today were sprinkled throughout our fair city, what a lovely lively enclave of resistance we would be!

thank you 20.Mar.2006 00:42

dead dawg

thanks to everyone who turned out today, my health prevented me from doing so. but let's ALL keep the pressure on and keep working for peace.


Thanks to all 20.Mar.2006 07:26


Many thanks to the organizers for putting this together and praise to RA for showing up. One of the results of the organizing was the decision to have veterans and military family lead the march. Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, Veterans For Peace Chapter 72, NW Veterans For Peace, Viet Nam Veterans Against the War, and Iraqi Veterans Against the War, along with many unassociated veterans, came together about 200 strong to lead off the march.

Together with another member of VFP 72, I worked the crowd looking for vets and family to join us at the front. Amazing response. From a WWII Solomon Island vet to just returned Iraq vets and family members, they all wanted to know, "Where's the front? I'll be there." Up until now many returning Iraq vets have been reluctant to come out, just as most returning vets from other wars have problems returning to civilian life. I hope this is a turning point in the peace movement. Their voice is the most powerfull one we have, they can bear witness to the insanity of this war.

For more information on these groups visit their websites.
Military Families Speak Out www.mfso.org/
Gold Star Families For Peace www.gsfp.org/
Veterans For Peace national www.veteransforpeace.org
Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 www.vfpchapter72.org
Iraqi Veterans Against the War www.ivaw.net
Viet Nam Veterans Against the War www.ivaw.net
NW Veterans for Peace /www.peaceveterans.org
From WW II to Iraq
From WW II to Iraq