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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

Spontaneous action in the burbs

Two of us decided to stand for Peace outside of Portland today.
We knew that our friends and neighbors and fellow activists would be doing us proud in Portland today, so we decided to take our stand to a smaller town in the valley. We chose Canby and took our Peace flag and one that said "Imagine" and stood on the old log bridge overpass next to the Canby shopping center. Highway 99 runs just beneath it. At first it seemed pretty lonely up there. We stood and watched the cars roll by and then suddenly someone honked and flashed the peace sign. That gave us the needed spark to stand there longer. After about an hour, we noticed that the reactions were mostly positive, with horns honking, and peace signs being displayed by about 8 of ten drivers/passengers. Of these, one in about thirty was apparently digitally challenged, for they seem to have misplaced one of their digits. Overall, a very exciting result for a town that is supposed to be about as conservative as they get. People honked and waved and we waved back. Then something grand happened. A family of four came to join us with signs they had made. They did their own banner drop of an orange flag with a big peace sign and also placed cardboard signs with peace signs along the fence. All in all we spent about two hours there, standing for Peace, and we were not alone.
Way to Go Folks! 19.Mar.2006 16:59

Navy Dad

Your efforts are appreciated.

Molalla could be next 19.Mar.2006 18:39

Wudnit Benyce

What would happen, if the burbs started showing their disgust with the war, and the manipulation by the current cabal?
More photos from Canby:

Good! 19.Mar.2006 19:58

Den Mark, Vancouver

These "small" dispersed local actions loom very LARGE in my mind. I respect them, a lot! Especially when they're done regularly, not just annually. Thanks. We're doing regular vis actions here in Vancouver, too. Know that you are NOT alone.

Great Tactic 19.Mar.2006 20:20


Great job! The more we can manifest resistance, especially where it is least expected, the more pervasive peace becomes. Thanks to everyone who hit the streets near and far today. Maybe tomorrow we could accept the challenge of going to a mundane place, or even walking through your own neighborhood with a sign you may have carried amongst the masses today. Lets make our message visible everywhere, starting in our own neighborhoods. It doesn't take tens of thousands to make peace visible, and it doesn't take a third anniversary for us to speak out.

Encouragement 20.Mar.2006 06:53

Otto Guy

Den Mark, with your flag, and other "Couverites," as well as those we saw recently in "Shougal," we thank you for your encouragement. It was largely your actions that gave us the impetus to "do our thing" out in the burbs. Rest assured, we have only begun. Keep up the good works, and soon the bedroom cities will become the hotbed room cities.

Olwen, RePorted on your story here: 22.Mar.2006 15:47


<b>at this excellent forum here:</b>
<a href=" link to www.progressiveindependent.com action in the burbs-a thousand "points-of-light" </a>

and on Cleveland here:
<a href=" link to www.progressiveindependent.com City Club- G.W. Bush is invited to: 'dissent' (local reaction) </a>

<i>url of portland aerial photo!</i>
(((please give time for images to load, before scrolling, may have to hit refresh to get the image at the very bottom)))

Thanks Olwen, great strategy, moving story, there is
good and soon to be growing effort at -
freeway blogging around here.

direct urls -html did not work 22.Mar.2006 16:22


Spontaneous action in the burbs-a thousand "points-of-light"
 link to www.progressiveindependent.com

The City Club- G.W. Bush is invited to: 'dissent' (local reaction)
 link to www.progressiveindependent.com

the people's moral sense needs to reign in this unprecendented abuse danger
to Life, Liberty and A Freedom Future...

administration a car? -it would be careening through city streets at high speed....  link to www.progressiveindependent.com

owned 23.Mar.2006 19:22



You guys rock! 26.Aug.2006 19:43

Im the girl in the pic! brownsugarmexican@yahoo.com

im the girl in the pic that stood up their and i just wanted to say thank you fro standing on the bridge in canby!! I never experinced that type of "publicity" If you guys continue to do this type of activty please let me know and me and my familt will be by your side! Thanks Again! ~*Peace*~