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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war m19 2006

March 18, 911 Truth Movement Contingent in SF

No. California 911 Truth Alliance and supporters were out spreading the word at the March 18 Anti-War Rally in San Francisco. Holding Signs saying "Neo-Con Jobs: Iraq and 9/11" and passing out information cards, the truth movement hopes to dispell the 911 lie that got the "war on terror" started. By providing well-researched papers, books and websites we hope to discredit the official narrative and the rational for permanent war.
Truth on the March
Truth on the March
Before the March
Before the March
Card being handed out
Card being handed out
No more false flags! No more 9/11s! No more wars based on lies!

Expose the truth and stop the war!

To learn more, visit:


homepage: homepage: http://www.indybay.org/news/2006/03/1808671.php

hooray 19.Mar.2006 13:56


nice work.

I was there! 19.Mar.2006 16:16

Jody Paulson

We even had chants:

"9-11 was an inside job/
orchastrated by the Cheney mob/
9-11 was a special op/
only justice gonna make 'em stop"

I spent much of the march speaking with the guy who wrote this nifty article, which I highly recomend to any 9-11 neophyte:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/330358.shtml

911 ghosts 20.Mar.2006 09:56


WTC 'Ghost' images have been appearing in recent photos of NYC. Here's one (from an established paranormal site)from last June, by tourist from Ireland. Think the spirits of the dead are trying to tell us something?