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Radio Call-ins to PDX IMC Web Radio on March 19th

Radio call - ins to pdx imc web radio on March 19th Day of Action. All call times are for west coast/portland.
3:07 - Waterfront - March is just leaving the park, there are alot of people, at least a shitload plus. The speakers have just finished, people are stretching out as far as the caller can see.

2:46 - Burnside Bridge - The march started about 10 minutes ago, led by Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out. There is a group of people chained togather, walking with hoods over their heads. More than 1000 people. People are super stoked, there is a drum corps and it is a great day!

2:37 - Santa Cruz - Had a great rally at the Town Clock Tower, about 350 people. There was a march down Pacific Ave, lots of onlooking and car horn support. The main focus was "End the War NOW." The marchers demanded that the troops come home how. They reached out to labor unions and student groups to make the march and rally happen.

2:11 - Portland Legal - PLDN says the feeder marchers are joining with the main march at the waterfront. The crowd is estimated at over 1000. The speakers have not yet started and the start of the march still seems a bit far off.

2:06 - Eugene - Eugene had a boring liberal rally yesterday as well (description inspired from the current topics), but people seemed inspired.

1:57 - Edmonds, WA - Today a group of older women are going to hold a celebration for peace. This has been ongoing since January, before the war started. Most people support their simple message of peace and cessation of war. There was about 20 people that participated.

1:45 - Reno, NV - Started with a small rally with various politcos speaking, then a march with about 400 people. The march just ended. Feels that they got their message across, disapproval of the war and the regime!

1:25 - Pittsburgh - Yesterday, had a big rally with close to 2000 people. Many people in prison coveralls with faces of the "US Leaders." Also had speakers and a 3 mile march, one mile for each year of the war. One arrest for tearing down a fence.

1:21 - Portland - 150 at the Waterfront for the Code Pink Feeder March.

1:11 - Caller reflecting on last years demonstration. "What do we want to see a year from now?" is the most important question to ask.

12:41p - New Orleans - About 400 people protesting against the war and because the United States is still ignoring to people of New Orleans and the Gulf area. Over 150 people walked from Mobile Alabama into New Orleans. They started the walk on March 13th, walking 5-7 miles per day. Caller recommends to stop watching the evening news, and start taking real action.

blacblock lockdown 19.Mar.2006 15:42


Lockdown on broadway & morrison right now 3:40p PT among orange jumpsuit, black hoods. Liberals reported as "unsupportive." One liberal actually took a swing at one of the orange/black-block,

another lockdown on 6th & burnside 19.Mar.2006 15:44


Another group locked down on 6th & burnside. 3:45p PT.

3:45p PT 19.Mar.2006 15:45


Report from woman on the street: aim to cancel debt of "3rd world"

5th & 6th ave & burnside lockdown update 3:50p PT 19.Mar.2006 15:47


Man from the street reportback: Seattle anti-imperialist lockdown. Chanting "our streets." Cops have left for now.

Reportback from man on street 3:55p 19.Mar.2006 15:53


been at march since start. 4th & washington, walking north. estimates crowd at over 50,000. Teachers groups, civic stewards, all sorts of people out here saying: "impeachment," "stop the war..."

Some signs:
Quagmire Accomplished
Either War is Obsolete or men are
Stop Torture
Bush Legacy
Impeach for bloodstains not lovestains
nice war, assface
drunk frat boy drives country into ditch

Not war in Iraq, it's a bush war. 3rd anniversay of war based on profit, neo-con ideology
came down to work with war resistor league.

HR 2641 Religious Freedom Peace Fund Tax bill 19.Mar.2006 16:04

per woman calling in

HR 2641 Religious Freedom Peace Fund Tax bill

HR 2641 Religious Freedom Peace Fund Tax bill: HR 2641 Religious Freedom Peace Fund Tax bill - would allow conscientious objectors to withhold taxes from government; would create "check-off fund" ... would probably have to sign up before-hand. would say: "my taxes will be used for all except war."

only Peter DeFazio has signed on.

OR Legislators: stop with the misappropriations to war.

50% of tax money goes to some kind of war. Would provide basis for people in power to see extent of resistance.

why no draft yet: private contractors

3/26 3:30p-6p - Peoples Coop: War Tax Resistors Potluck & Forum
3029 SE 20th Ave

Gail from Palo Alto 19.Mar.2006 16:17


Peninsula Raging Grannies League: Sent 2 contingents: 1 to SF, 1 to Palo Alto.

Song went over air; picture in NY Times. Feels their message getting out as good PR for antiwar message.

Palo Alto: appearance followed slideshow with picture of children in Afghanistan. Children took part, including Muslim boy with touching speach.

Raging Grannies sung songs about victims of war, to Stars & Stripes forever.

Peninsula Peace and Justice contingent quoted in corporate media.

Palo Alto: thousands of poeple. Raging Grannies joined by mandolin player, local music teacher. Group provides songsheet songsheets so people can sing along. Also joined by Country Joe MacDonald.

Most elder grannie: 90 years old: local folk music icon: Faith Petric.

This report supplements earlier reportback from Tucson Raging Granny. Rochestor and Florida Raging Grannies also very active.

On Tuesday, joining environmental group to protest Ford to encourage raising standard of fuel use and emission. Want dealership to contact headquarters to use more available technology for more efficient vehicles. (www.jumpstartford.com)

Final message: It's good for your mental health to get together and do something positive.

Raging Grannies:  http://www.raginggrannies.org

Update from Idaho 4:27p PT 19.Mar.2006 16:32


Rosemary from Idaho Peace Coalition in Boise. Events since last Wednesday.

Passed out fake bills representing how much war is costing people.

Today's rally: The Last Anniversay Rally

c. 500 people; passed thousand-dollar bills and big bills saying what the money could have gone for. Did that at 802 Hispanice where representatives have offices.

Yesterday had chi-dong meditation and walk for peace.

well-attended and well-covered in corporate press.

now having silent vigil for peace. all during week, had people filling out postcards for peace... being handed to representative on 3/22 @ 11a (Idaho time).

Idaho Peace Coaltion: next meeting on Iran. Hoping to send in letters to representatives. Hoping to get letter published in corporate media, radio stations and places like Michael Moore's site...and get signatories to letter.

Clarification of 3:55 pm report from the March on Sunday, 3/19 20.Mar.2006 07:43

Styve svbk61@juno.com

~~I was surprised to get a chance to talk live on the IndyMedia coverage of the Anti-War march on 3/19, and the text of my call that was posted yesterday was pretty sketchy and incomplete. To provide a better picture of what I was commenting on, I would like to submit this editorial clarification, and the staff at IndyMedia said that I could post a follow-up to do so.

Great show of Patriotism Portland!! Let's keep it up, and don't let people pass this off as a 10,000 person event, because it was much larger!!


Report from man on street 3:55p 19.Mar.2006 15:53

I was at Waterfront Park an hour before the start of the March. I called from 4th & Washington, walking north. I estimated the crowd size at over 50,000, at least, due to the fact that I could still see a sizable march going south on Broadway, and they were 15 - 20 blocks behind me. Teachers groups, civic, labor, veterans and religious groups... all sorts of people out here shouting for Bush's "Impeachment,"and to "Stop the war!!"

Some signs in my immediate vicinity:

Quagmire Accomplished
Either War is Obsolete or Men Are
Stop Torture
Impeach for Bloodstains not Lovestains
Nice War, Assface
Drunk Frat Boy Drives Country into Ditch

We are not at war in Iraq, it is a BushWar on Iraq. When asked why I was protesting, I was stunned by the question, at first...why wouldn't I protest on the 3rd anniversary of an illegal war based on profit and Neocon Ideology. I also came down to work with the War Resisters League, www.warresisters.org.