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+++FRANCE: protests in 170 cities - riots - unions call for a GENERAL STRIKE +++

1.5 million people demonstrated in more than 170 cities and towns on saturday against the french government and its job market "deregulation" plans CPE. Many of the demonstartions ended in massive clashes with the police.
About 70 of the 84 french universities are on strike and /or occupied by students. Also schools are occupied by teachers and pupils.
The unions said if the government wonīt take back CPE till tomorrow they will call for a GENERAL STRIKE in France.
380'000 people in Paris, 130'000 in Marseille, 45'000 in Lille, 45'000 in Nantes, 30'000 in Rennes, 25'000 in Lyon. And so on...

riots daily all over France... pupils attacked police stations in Marseille, in Toulouse statesībuildings were occupied last week... thousands of pupils blocked 25 trains in a station...and so on....

More information e.g. on:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335653.shtml

Retrait, Retrait, Retrait du CPE!
Villepin, t'es foutu, la jeunesse est dans la rue!
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