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Eric McDavid Needs Vegan Food - please call the jail Monday March 20th!

Eric McDavid has been denied vegan food for over two months. We are asking as many people as possible to call the jail as much as possible on Monday March 20. Eric's health is deteriorating and it is critical that he be
provided vegan food as soon as possible. In the past the jail has lied to Eric's supporters about his food, his health and their ability to provide him with vegan food. Regardless of what they say do not be deterred.
Sacramento County Main Jail

Sheriff Lou Blanas
916-874-5332 fax
support eric mcdavid 20.Mar.2006 08:34


hes been on hunger strike for almost 2 weeks so this is extremely important! please call the jail all day.

call the jail! 20.Mar.2006 09:14

until he gets vegan food

have this info handy:

MCDAVID, ERIC X-2972521 7E114A

www.supporteric.org 20.Mar.2006 09:18


Please visit his website for updates and other ways to support him. And please call the jail today! Eric is counting on all of us to help him get food. He's been on a hunger strike since the 8th.

I just called 20.Mar.2006 11:22


I just called Sheriff's office and the nice lady who answered the phone said they'd had several calls expressing similar views.

I was very polite and said I understood they had a prisoner, Eric McDavid, who was on a hunger strike requesting vegan food. I said I was calling to support his request and that I know a number of vegans who eat that special diet for health and spiritual reasons. I requested that they meet the prisoner's need since it would be fairly easy and the humane thing to do.

Forum in response to the "Green Scare": Wednesday, March 22 in PDX 20.Mar.2006 12:38

Rai Sue info@nwcrc.org

"Terrorist Creep"--the 'Terrorization' of Criminal and Free Speech Acts

In response to the Green Scare of Operation Backfire, the Portland NLG, the
Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, and the First Unitarian Church present
a panel discussion about the impact of re-characterizing crimes as "domestic
terrorism" solely because of the political message allegedly associated with
the crimes. It is very important not to let the government frame the issue and label all crimes acts of "domestic terrorism."

Steven Wax, from the Oregon Federal Public Defender's Office
Stu Sugarman, NLG attorney and L&C grad defending alleged "terrorists"
Ashlee Albies, NLG attorney and 2005 L&C grad working with the Center for
Constitutional Rights to challenge the NSA's warrentless wiretapping.

A Q&A and audience discussion will conclude the event.

When: Wednesday, March 22, 7pm
Where: First Unitarian Church, 1011 SW 12th, Downtown Portland
What: a panel discussion, the first of a three part series: "But, is this really
"Terrorism?": A Forum on the Effect of the "War on Terror" on Domestic Political
Who: YOU! (and the forum is co-sponsored by the Portland Chapter of the National
Lawyers Guild, the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, and the First
Unitarian Church of Portland
How Much: a $5-$50 donation is suggested, but no one will be turned away for
lack of funds.

What more?:
April 5, "Crimes Against the Environment vs. Crimes For the Environment"
April 19, "The Chilling Effect on Dissent"

Questions? Please contact  info@nwcrc.org