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alternative media | political theory m19 2006

Instead of Marching - Let's find Common Ground

Ok, Ok, So there has been much discusion for /quite/ some time now about what we should "do" as a neo-liberal moevement now that we have consensus the system is corrupt
And personally I am "sick and tired" of people posing as agent provocetours and inciting overt acts of illegal action. Excuse this next line but it needs to be said : A movement can critize a president for operating outside the law however when OUR ends justify the means it's ok?

This philosophy is fundementally flawed. I don't wan't to beat a dead horse here so I won't.

Speaking from experience Marching can be an effective tactic in many ways in constraining a policy makers options as well as radicalizing and energizing people. It is a useful tactic insomuch as it accomplishes steps towards a GOAL. But WHAT is THE GOAL people>? We constantly need to ask ourselves this question as activists and as human beings seeking a world free from all forms of oppresion.

I have seen the consequences of sit-in's as well as marches and have probably spent an equal amount of time bailing my friends out of jail and getting BAILED out of jail as I have working towards human rights. (Well almost)

I have spent time in the courts as well as time in jail; and is time I could have spent doing social justice work. Now you may say "but gee spending time in jail IS social justice work" no friends spending time in jail just sucks. And so does getting pepper spray applied to your eyes ala q-tip. Been there, done that. And is the world any more free? Lookin' at ol' GW in the white house I'd say no. Worse off.

I propose that it is the states purpose to jail dissenters, this administrations hallmark to rid the US of them; look at the green scare. It's a lot more than scary. And by putting yourself up for arrest you are seriously playing into their hands. Who are you honestly going to help in prison, in solitary, wearing a preworn pair of undies? Get a friggin' grip; for the sake of humanity Please.

It is far time to turn your backs on the administration that has turned it's back from you (and rifles AT you). Begin to set up a parallel 'goverment', the real work that needs to be done, food, intelligence, security. So when Bush declares marshal law, YOU will have something to turn TO. Becuase when the shit hits the fan chaining yourself to the nearest gas pump will make their job easier. search destroy

I am down 19.Mar.2006 22:33

a concerned citizen

So the question is... where do we start, what do we do, where do we meet, and all that stuff.