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Hanford Watch invites you to scoping for Hanford’s biggest EIS

Environmental Impact Statement

March 22nd, Wednesday
Red Lion Hotel Convention Center, Portland, Oregon
1021 NE Grand Avenue
Workshop at 6 pm; Meeting from 7pm-10pm
Basic decisions will be formed from your comments and new data about much of the final state of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. What is your vision, what do you want for your children?

• What will be the fate of the 177 underground tanks that hold 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste?
• What do we want for the final treatment and disposal of those wastes?
• How extensively will the groundwater and contaminated plumes flowing to the Columbia River be cleaned up?
• What do we want for on-site disposal alternatives for low level waste at Hanford and the transport of low level and mixed wastes from across the nation?

This scoping will also cover the decommissioning of the Fast Flux Test Facility, the issues of "how clean is clean" when it comes to treating and disposing of buried waste all over the site, and the cumulative impacts of all decisions that are to be made about the on-going and final cleanup of the site.

Three years ago hundreds of citizens attended hearings and testified on the Hanford Solid Waste EIS in Portland, Hood River, Seattle and Richland. The Department of Energy (DOE) was planning to truck in thousands of loads of radioactive waste from across the nation's weapons' complex to treat, bury, or hold indefinitely at Hanford. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology (the regulators of the DOE) agreed with the public that the data supporting these actions was flawed due to poor computer modeling and poor assumptions. The final document that was to come from these hearings has been delayed for three years because of public and regulator outcry. We have been heard.

This new document, which will come together after these new scoping hearings, is supposed to be based on new and hopefully adequate modeling of impacts. The public has an opportunity to give input into this new, much broader EIS, to reiterate its vision for the cleanup of Hanford. Attend one of the meetings to hear from others and to give your input into the future of our region. What will we leave our children and grandchildren?

Contact HANFORD WATCH AT 503-232-0848 ( http://www.hanfordwatch.org)

Meetings will be held at 7 pm, with a workshop at 6 pm, at Portland (above) and the following locations:

March 21
Seattle Center
305 Harrison St.
NW Rooms Bldg
Lopez Room

March 23
Hood River
Columbia Gorge Hotel
4000 Westcliff Drive
Benson Room

homepage: homepage: http://hanfordwatch.org