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Bush Signs Bill That Didn't Pass Congress

According to representative Henry Waxman, Bush signed into law a version of the Budget Reconciliation Act that didn't pass Congress.
Bush knew he was directly violating the Constitution and effectively acting as a despot because he received a call from the Speaker of the House before signing the bill, warning him that it had not been passed.

America: Is this not enough to convince 100% of you of the folly of this regime?
In Nixon's time, this would be a constiutional crisis, and would have been the
leading news story on every single news media outlet.

I regret saying I think our country is truly done-for. -Marleen

Preaching to the Choir 18.Mar.2006 19:37


You should bring this to your city council, or local media, or just a neighborhood association event. You'll find little disagreement in these here parts.

... 18.Mar.2006 19:53

this thing here

and keep in mind, bush wasn't elected president in 2000. likewise, 2004.

in the back room it's all monkey business, while up front it's nothing but the appearance....

no doubt this country is fucked, but it would be less fucked if waxman and the party he belonged to would grab their n*ts and stand up, dammit. but i'm not going to hold my breath...

Yeah, that's pretty bad 19.Mar.2006 00:14

Fred Bauer

Don't forget that a few days ago he reaffirmed his policy of preemptive war, which is really just a euphemism for direct aggression. When he first came out with that, I fully expected to see some men in white suits hauling him away in a straight jacket. But there wasn't a peep from the press. Well, we have our first example of how well the policy works in Iraq.

There are a few good people in congress, but they can't make a stand alone. We've got to get the election system back too. It kills me everytime I hear them talking about taking democracy to Iraq when we don't have it here.

Too scared to confront... 19.Mar.2006 06:40

Pravda or Consequences

I welcome those that need a little encouragement to join us today for the M19 demo and feel the comradery.

The status quo democrats are afraid of alienating their more 'moderate' constituents. But that is what leadership is all about.

Besides, even the moderates don't like Bush's policies anymore.

Lay Your Eyes on Glorious France 19.Mar.2006 11:28


All three commenters have valid points. Nothing will hardly ever change, without mobilising the masses. Let's just observe the French, with a touch of reverence, and learn and adopt from their tactics as much as we can. Unlike us, the citizens of the French Republic haven't forgot their revolutionary past.

here's some more 19.Mar.2006 11:33

if you want

The bill was The Republican Reconciliation Spending Cuts bill (P.L.109-171)and Bush signed it way back in February (on 2/8/06). There's an article titled Republican Spending Cuts: Is is the Law of the Land? posted by US Rep. John Spratt, he's the head of the House Budget Committee.
See www.house.gov/budget_democrats/ to find the article.

Original poster raises an interesting question.

Bush's actions regarding this "bill" and the fact that we did not hear more about this- is simply another log on the funeral pyre for Bush.
Metaphorically speaking, that is.

Impeach him now 19.Mar.2006 12:30

ted... (your constitution demands it)

This song spell-out clearly

all the reason for impeachment...


the drafters of your contitution demand you it...!
(their reasoning is encompassed in the document)

Listen and hear it for your self...

Ps. I tagged a little bit of Amy-Goodman on the beginning,
she identified a "high-crime"....

convince your congress to "VOTE TO IMPEACH...!!! "

(or toss your constitution into the waste-paper-basket.)
it's your choice citizen...!
The Imperial President
The Imperial President

Can anyone doubt the truth of this article now? 19.Mar.2006 12:43

Jody Paulson

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Bush, like all incoming presidents, had to swear preserve, protect, and defend this "piece of paper", as did all our servicemen and women. To blatantly disregard this "piece of paper" is nothing less than treason.