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Beating a Dead Horse

It's time for progressive to join the Green Party and support the green party with time, energy, talent and money. Here is a good arguement about the reasons why.
It's been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The only thing more depressing than watching the Democratic Party cower cluelessly in a corner while the country goes to hell in a hand-basket is reading the pathetic pleas of the liberal punditocracy exhorting their party to grab the reins and forge ahead. I hate to be the one to break the news to you, folks, but your horse is dead. Flogging it is unlikely to lead to its revival.

What will it take for you to understand this?

How many golden opportunities can the Democrats blow before you get a clue?

If your party can't make hay out of illegal wire-tapping and torture, the bloody mess in Iraq, the Abramoff scandal and Hurricane Katrina, then isn't it time to consider an alternative?

If you really care about your country and the future of the planet, consider your options. But understand that trying to reform a stagnant, out-of-touch, corporatized culture from within isn't one of them.

I pity you. I do. But I pity our country and the people suffering in Iraq in more so. We need you. We need you to get a clue and jump ship. The Democrats aren't going to change—at least not the way you're going about it.

You know who you remind me of? Charlie Brown. Poor old Charlie Brown. He really believed that Lucy was going to hold the football still when he ran up to kick it. He believed it each and every time. The next time, he told himself, will be different. You guys are the same. You think the Democrats are going to change—they'll get a spine, they'll stand up to Bush, they'll oppose the war, they'll nominate a presidential candidate who doesn't mimic the Republicans. Charlie Brown thought Lucy was going to change and that she wouldn't yank the ball away at the last second. Yet all of you wind up flat on your backs, looking like fools.

The best thing that could possibly happen to the Democrats would be for all of you progressives and liberals to bolt from the party. That's the only way the Democrats will change.

The Democratic Party isn't really the place for you anyway. They don't share your values. Why try to reform a party that supports the war in Iraq, the so-called Patriot Act and the corrupt, cash-drenched culture of corporate-sponsored campaigns when you have a viable alternative?

The Green Party is the place to be. Greens support Clean Elections, publicly funded campaigns, universal health care and renewable energy. The Green Party has consistently opposed the senseless slaughter in Iraq and the evisceration of our civil rights at home. When the Republicans stole the 2004 presidential election in Ohio and John Kerry turned tail and ran before all the voters were counted, it was the Greens who stayed behind to demand a recount and clean up the mess.

The Greens have put hundreds of people in office from Hawaii to Maine. Even with the decks stacked against us, we've elected mayors, judges, city councilors and state legislators. As our country moves towards genuine democracy, embracing voter-owned elections and instant runoff voting among other essential electoral reforms, we'll see more and more Greens elected to higher and higher offices.

Despite a track record of success, the Greens may still seem like a long shot to some people. At least the Green Party is in the race and running. That dead horse of yours isn't getting up anytime soon.

>>>>Blair Bobier is not now nor has he ever been a member of the Democratic Party.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pacificgreens.org

The Green Party is not getting up anytime soon either 18.Mar.2006 19:19


"Why try to reform a party that supports the war in Iraq, the so-called Patriot Act and the corrupt, cash-drenched culture of corporate-sponsored campaigns when you have a viable alternative?"

And that viable alternative is to join the Green Party -- as it exists today? The only viable alternative as it exists today -- is to take matters into your own hands. Be responsible for your own actions.

Trusting ANY political party within THIS U.S. system of government is a fool's choice. At this point in time, choosing the lesser of evils -- includes the Green Party!



No, no vive los Verdes. 18.Mar.2006 20:12


I would love the Green Party to burn along with the Dems and Republicans. The State is not the answer, the state is violent, even a Green State

ecological tyranny requires more checks and balances, formal change 19.Mar.2006 04:23


I would half agree with Gabe, though I fail to see how the charred cinders he recommends are a solution either.

I would argue that the issue is the particular arrangements of states (that can be changed) per se instead of inventing a monolithic category called "states" as evil incarnate.

As the Greens particpation in Germany for instance I think has shown, the Greens (as well as libertarians, Democrats and Republican mind you or any other party) should be supporting institutional changes to remove corruptions that have led to the issues of the unsustainable past and unsustainable present.

Simply participating in a broken state or an unsustainable state without formal changes means participation and replication of the issues. Simply turning the state into a theocratic government under a novel "green" party is hardly a solution either, or any other party. We require a systemic more competitive framework of parties that actually compete for the voter instead of collude to demote voter choice.

The whole dynamic requires changing to move to sustainability. Parties of course are likely to be the ones to introduce such changes, and likely the Greens or libertarians in the United States, though any party could do it.

Some thoughts on that here--around 60+ different checks and balances at last count.

 link to www.amazon.com

Hey author 19.Mar.2006 23:28


What office are you running for? You perfectly fit the "ideal" of a politician - subterfuge and pandering for the usual causes.

You only need to go as far as Eugene, OR to see that "Sustainability is a politics that is already here — only waiting to be formally organized."

Your version of 'Sustainability' is highly organized in Eugene. Mayor Kitty and her progressive council just approved an $8 million parking garage and its next-door neighbors -- the Wal-Mart of natural foods.

Mayor Kitty bragged about sustainability a dozen times in her 1st address to the city, and now she and her progressive team are carrying this 'vision' through (and low and behold, it's been approved by the local Chamber of Commerce!)

"around 60+ different checks and balances at last count." Yeah, sort of like the 3 separate checks and balances we have in our federal gov't?

Dream on, salesman.

to Burro 21.Mar.2006 03:27


Your ideas are welcome Burro. I don't see any though.