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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

actions friday continued

Thanks for the comments and pictures about the banners on Friday morning. There was also an action down burnside that morning with some strong signs about the war dead. Props to Code Pink and the lobbying!
The detainee procession through downtown over the lunch hour was powerful. 4 orange jumpsuits, prisoners hooded, chains on ankles, and a woman shackled, wearing traditional Muslim clothing. The soldiers barked orders, forced the prisoners to kneel before the flag in Pioneer Sqaure, whil they were told about the great land of liberty.
They were led to the justice center, where they were made to kneel again. Many folks out shopping, eating, jaws dropped as this image came into their view.

Later in the day 2 masked figures held a huge banner out in the sqaure for a long time, banner read "Bush Blood Harvest, Record Profits."

High Visibility!!!

Let it be known 18.Mar.2006 20:04


Would love to see pics of Bush blood harvest and some of the prisoner march. Any of you crazy radicals have any.