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Microsoft=SPYWARE Take a look for yourself.

If you want to shut down the spyware when running windows!
You have to open the system configuration file and you will be amazed of what you see!!

Step 1: Go to start on your computer.

Step 2: Go to RUN with the flying window icon.

Step 3: Type msconfig and hit OK to open the window.

Step 4: Click the services tab to see what programs are booted when you start your computer.

You will be amazed when you see what is running on your computer.

No need to worry about making changes, you can always click on normal startup at the top of the first page and go back to the normal startup process.

You can also backup your computer before you make changes if you are worried about it.
Operating systems. 19.Mar.2006 19:55

citizen able

Most of the crap running as services on your PC was put there by companies other than microsoft, and actually you allowed it to run on your box. Now its not your fault because most of those services you weren't aware of what they did, or how they got there.

Microsoft is mostly to blame for allowing so many security holes in its OS design. However I wouldn't read anything more into it other than elephantine lazyness on Microsoft's part for the problem.

After all, MSCONFIG is a Microsoft provided tool that sheds light on what you actually have running in the background on your box. Plus you can disable any or all of them, but use caution.

you are free to run Linux or MAC OS (which have their own share of security issues) if you would like, or you can do write your own OS, that's what the Linux guys did. Yes, its a lot of work that would take years but who knows you might end up with something kind of cool.

good luck.

a much better program 20.Mar.2006 01:26

a geek

Check out sysinternals' autoruns:


It does a much better job at showing you what's running.

And made sure to have some adware detection like adaware se and spybot if you're going to run windows. Or give ubuntu a try if you think you're ready to ditch windows.