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human & civil rights | police / legal m19 2006

Self Defence at the M19 Protest

We must defend ourselves tomorrow IF we are attacked by the blood thirsty police.
Don't let this happen to us.
Don't let this happen to us.
This is not to condone any specific action or a crime. But if we are attacked by the pigs and they start spraying people with mace we must defend ourselves. We must fight back and not lay there and take their assaults lightly. We must meet force with force if need be. I am not for violence, but I am for self defence. The crimes of the police should not go unanswered. We all know that they think and are treated like they are above the law.

We need to remember that the police are the LAW UPHOLDERS not the law makers. They cannot just declare a "state of emergency" at their wish. Their is no law about being pushed around at their wishes. We have the RIGHT to peaceably assemble. Be careful not to start anything first, and also be careful to not fall into the trap of the insider police provocateurs who might try to make the real protesters look bad and give the pigs a reason to stop protests. If there is a undercover police officer in the crowd and we know it to be true we must point him out to the rest of the crowd and make him feel intimidated so they learn a lesson.

To the police: Obey the law, you will be watched like a hawk. Tell your thug buddies to obey the law and not to get out of hand. Do not hurt or assault us, you do not have the right to assault us. You must obey all the laws of the land and you do not have a seperate set of laws.

Section 20 of the Oregon Constitution: No law shall be passed granting to any citizen or class of citizens privileges, or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens.

If you are a citizen of Oregon you must go by all laws, which you cops are, no matter what your status. Some will take this to court and get the unconstitutional laws off the books. So don't fuck with us.
We have taken the police to court and won... 18.Mar.2006 18:17

Pravda or Consequences

There has been too much notice given for our legal assembly for anything less than professional conduct.

And yes, the whole world is watching and the commander-in-chief better start watching too.