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water for the poor

bush is an insane clown.

031806. The criminals of zionazism act as if its hard to bring water to the land, because that is how they plan to make you pay more for it -- perhaps even more per gallon then gasoline, whose prices have also been radically inflated since demon force came alive in 1965 (white zombie). Afterall, you need water a lot more than you need gasoline.

These are the same people who used enmod to dehydrate africa, in a thorough depopulation that worked very well from their viewpoint. It is as easy to rehydrate as dehydrate land, but nowhere near as profitable. The ranchers of New Mexico have seen the rain making on a moments notice, but are still swallowing the guff of their boy george because of some perverted prophecy, or some such superstitious shit. Hail satan and his servant jesus christ, Americas semitic gods. Soon they will not be able to ignore the mutations and other genetic damages. Not soon enough though, I am afraid.

These zionazi criminals are also the same people that have begun killing off the animal population here, all the better to use hunger against the people, and the chemtrails are bad for most crops, requiring genetically modified strains specially made for higher soil conductivity...get it? This same thing was done in England, S Africa, Australia, and Europe as retaliation against the people there, and to cause worldwide starvation. Soon.

Impeach and execute bush. Eradicate all royalty worldwide. Kill your TV. Or die.

ENMOD has caused irrepairable damage, bush is an insane clown, pray your children and grandchildren can adapt. Pray hard.