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Shrine Circus bringing their abuse to Portland

Protestors needed to leaflet outside the Memorial Coliseum during the three performances by Shrine Circus on April 1st and 2nd. Shrine Circus still forces animals including horses, elephants, big cats, and domestic dogs to perform unnatural acts for crowds of noisy and frightening people.
"Portland Shrine Circus! Portland Oregon - Memorial Coliseum - April 1st and 2nd! The Portland Al Kader Shrine Circus will be coming to the Memorial Coliseum for 3 performances on April 1st and April 2nd, 2006. It is a wonderful, exciting event to which you can bring the whole family. Shriners have been an active part of Portland for 117 years. The Shrine Circus is a family-based American tradition of entertainment. For almost 50 years, Al Kader Shriners have presented their Circus in the Portland Metropolitan area. and around the State of Oregon - see schedule, bringing fun and excitement to children of all ages. The Al Kader Shrine Circus in presented at many locations in Oregon".

We need to protest this horrible circus, which still uses and abused animals in its show. From reading their website (shrinecircus.com) I found they use horses, dogs, big cats, and elephants.

Here are a few links relating to Shrine Circus, as well as a few sites with circus information:

Official Shrine Circus Webpage

Shrine Circus Info on Circuses.com

Shrine Circus-related tragedies (human and non-human alike)

PETA's Shrine Circus PDF Factsheet

animal-free circuses 18.Mar.2006 06:09


encourage people to go to "animal-free" circuses....still the 'entertainment' with out the cruelty.
Cirque de Soleil is the most well known but there are lots of others...
www.cirucses.com has an entire list.

Time? 18.Mar.2006 08:32


What times do you want protesters out there? Do you have flyers? gk.

Show The Circus They Are Not Welcomed 18.Mar.2006 09:44


Stores throughout the area have stacks of free tickets at their check-out stands. Take them. Take All of them and destroy them so they cannot be used! These tickets are intended to get a child into the circus for free - total propaganda (of course they must be accompanied by an adult with a paid admission). Do whatever you can to let the cirus know they and their cruelty, abuse and exploitation are not welcomed in our town. Let's all work together to help make Portland a cruelty free zone for animals.

entertainment? 18.Mar.2006 11:42


circuses and the so called entertatinment that they provide are nothing more than out dated cruelty...shame on the people who run this travelling hell, those who support and those who don't come out and stand up for the animals...see you at the circus

??? 18.Mar.2006 20:29


I don't have the means or time or resources to organize the protest, so I'm requesting that someone do that for me.

What stores have the Shrine Circus tickets in them? I've seen them before but it was a long time ago. Thanks.

City of Portland-BAN SHRINE FELONS 19.Mar.2006 07:55


Protesting-leafletting- good! Better still how about weekly visits to our city council with the very
good reasons why The City of Portland should BAR these felons to set up shop here.
Shrine, Ringling..felons. Take them petitions and proof that these
businesses have violated federal animal cruelty laws. Add rodeos too.

Search and Destroy Circus Tickets 19.Mar.2006 09:57

Just Say No To Cruelty

Sky, I happened to have been in Albertsons but all of the major stores are probably carrying them. Have even seen them in Subway shops, so look for them wherever you go. A phone call to the store asking them not to promote animal cruelty (just check out their meat cases) probably would fall onto deaf ears but I do like the idea of asking the city to ban animal "entertainment".

Sounds good 20.Mar.2006 01:07


I like that idea, since letter writing has proven ineffective when it comes to asking the city to keep these criminals from promoting cruelty in our 'progressive' city. But the matter at hand is that Shrine is here in less than two weeks and we need people to give out flyers, coloring books, stickers, etc outside. But I definitely agree that a city-wide ban would be an incredible acheivement and we should work toward it.

IDA? 20.Mar.2006 09:58


Is IDA organizing any demos for this?

... 20.Mar.2006 13:15


I don't know yet, that's what I'm asking them to do. I talked to Matt and he knows that I don't have the time (with school and a job) to organize it, but I do want to participate in the protest. But we need to get the word out since it's coming up!

Hey Sky 22.Mar.2006 23:46

Not to be rude but........

this is Indymedia, not email or some sort of chat group. Your last comment wasn't a comment to the article, it was more like something you would email to someone. A lot of people read this, and well....I don't know who you are, but I just found out a bunch of info about you just by your last message. Be careful!

shocking truth 24.Mar.2006 07:52

no way to entertain

I attended a circus with my 3 children, I noticed that each time the bears performed a trick they would shock them. The bears urinated each time they were shocked. I noticed this because of my back ground, I have trained many animals with kindness, even performing tricks, for groups of people. Never was I taught to hurt, intimadate, or to inflict pain. Animals in general can perform many so called tricks, which are natural behaviors. And are more than willing to do so with kindness, and reward. Why I ask myself must they have to use such cruel means? I think I can answer my own question. For profit and demand, if the media and all their power where to focus on the circus, and people who are for animal rights linked up as a team. I know that the circus could go on, without the abuse, without pain. The animals I worked with were well cared for, well fed, and had large areas in which the could be just animals. Many of the animals were more like pets, and were not worked hard, the were provided with the best vet care ect... Why cant the circus animals be treated in the same fashion, and why doesnt the owners realize that in order to keep performing in todays world they to have step up for animals that make all thier money.