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Amerika's Three For All War

Thw World's Most Dangerous Terrorists
George W. Bush is the biggest butcher standing at the block....but let's not
forget "Blood Spilling" Blair, the Rabid Raygun, "Killer" Clinton, "Chalcal"
Chirac, "Homage To Bush" Harper, and all the butcherous U.S. and other
western (and allied) governments who have left their legacies of freedom and democracy around the world.

Guilty By Reason Of In-Vanity
John Bolton, the U.S. AmbASSador to the United Stations, has complained
that membership on the U.N. Human Rights Commission by some of the
world's most notorious human rights abusers mocks the legitimacy of the
Commission and the United Nations itself.

After months of U.S. temper tantrums and demands, the United Stations
General ASSembly announced its decision to revamp the United Nations Human Rights Commission and change its name to the United Nations Human
Rights Council. Not being satisfied with the compromise agreed on by the 53
member nations of the Commission, the U.S. government immediately rejected
the compromise. "It has too many "deficiencies," said Bolton, "and it needs to
be "renegotiated" immediately."

Hypocrisy Is The Mother Of Intention
The United States government, along with its allies, have condemned the Human Rights Commission because of member-nations such as Zimbabwe,
Libya, Sudan, and Cuba, and accused these countries of committing human
rights violations.....the same trough-swilling coalition that has invaded and
occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, murdered thousands of thousands of civilians,
their complicity in the al CIAduh "rendition" flights, and the abused and tortured
"enemy combatants" in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The United States government refused to acknowledge the Commission's
recommendations for economic, social and cultural rights. The U.S.
government flatly rejected the International Covenant, which said that the public
was guaranteed the right to food, health care, housing, education and

The World According To NATO
Since the U.S. mandated and controlled United Nations was created in 1947, it
has been the member-in-charge of the Human Rights Commission. Every
successive U.S. administration since then, in one way or another, objected to
proposals ensuring the protection of economic, social, and cultural rights.
Since its beginnings, this economic-political-religious system has defined the
rights of Human Beings in terms of democratic, political, religious, and economic "rights." Western democracies have always dismissed these rights
as nothing more than social welfare, socialism, etc..

The Reagan-Bush I-Clinton-Bush II administrations, much more than all previous governments, have rabidly opposed the rights of self-determination
and self-development to peoples around the world, as well as declaring that
the rights of Human Beings and world peace/security are tantamount to treason
and terrorism. In 2005, the U.S. and Australia refused to accept the
resolution and denied that self-determination is the inalienable right of all Human Beings. In 2001, the United States was kicked off of the Human Rights
Commission for its opposition to banning landmines, the International Criminal
Court, its foreign policies concerning the Middle East, and a number of other
U.S. interest-only policies......as well as U.S. threatening those non-compliant
nations with their "you are a terrorist because you are against us" schtick.
It was only after one year, with crocodile tears, cajoling, whining, threatening,
backroom deals/bribes, manipulations, etc., that the United States was able to
able to weasel itself back unto the Commission.

Bush's Borg Starter Kit -- Some Assimilation Is Required.
The United States has always been resistant to the U.N. laws and bylaws
concerning non-permanent status on the Security Council. The new U.N.
proposal has been hotly rejected by the U.S., because it states that Council
members can only serve for years, and that they will not be eligible for immediate re-election after two consecutive terms. The United States demands
that only the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, and China be the five permanent
members of the Security Council. The U.S. also demanded that all members
engage in open voting....because it would make it easier for the U.S. to bully,
bribe, or blackmail other members for their votes.

Borgasm: The Ecstasy Of Being Assimilated or The Emperor's Slugs Need
Love Too.
People around the world have condemned the U.S. for its policy of torturing
"enemy combatants" (mostly non-combatants) at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and in Afghanistan....as well as the al CIAduh "rendition" flights that
deliver so-called terrorists to secret locations for tortuous interrogations.
Emperor George II and his Princes of the Outer Realms have scapegoated and
"punished" several enlisted troops, as well as pointing fingers of blame at some
officers, in a desparate but futile attempt to show that justice had been done.
Other than propagandic pieces done in cooperation with CNN (Capricious News
Network), no one has been able to see the prisoners and speak with them.
The U.S. has arrogantly shrugged off world-wide criticism as frivolous and

McBorgers: Over 300,000,000 Assimilated
Dubya's voice for McAmerica, McBolton said, "We consider the United States
to be the defender and champion of human rights around the world. It is one of the fundamental and basic tenets upon which our christian country was founded." Repeating the oft-repeated tales told by Bush and Chertoff, McBolton waxed enthusiastically, saying, "So, when the United States
(Government) falls short of the high standards we set for ourselves (and the
U.S. public to follow) we will move quickly and decisively to prosecute all
offending U.S. citizens."

Bush A Borg Again Christian: Resistance To My Empire Is Futile
Following the legacy of previous U.S. administrations, the Bush administration
is trying to conceal its human rights violations. Last year, George II and court
denied Jean Ziegler of the U.N.H.R.C an interview with the State Department
to talk about the U.S.-imposed sanctions against the Cuban people, which are
trying (unsuccessfully) to deprive the Islanders of everyday necessities, such
as food, and trying to starve the Cuban people into submission.

While the U.S. is violating the rights of people around the world, it is ignoring
the reality that the Cuban people have universal housing -- homelessness is
not a problem...they have superior health care, free education, in addition to
equal pay rates and paid maternity leave for all women.

Bush The Chief Borg R Dee Says The Borgasmord Is Over
Like all patriarchal empires before it, the U.S. has laid seige to some Iraqi
cities...Fallujah...Mosul...parts of Baghdad, etc., and waited until the
inhabitants starved to death. All Western colonial empires...Rome, now Italy,
France...Spain...U.K., Holland, Germany, Portugal, and others have starved
civilians to defeat cities. Today, as the minions of democracy...the U.S., the
U.K., Canada, and other allies are deconstructing Iraq, have cut off food, water,
and other essential needs to many Iraqi people.

The United States, along with the coalition of the trilling, have used a number
of devious means, as well as murder, to deal with anyone who opposes or
resists their world-wide war on terror. As world-wide anger and opposition grows
against the war in the Middle East, the U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
continue to rape women and girls, break into homes, arresting and detaining
those they don't kill, their favourite bombing targets appear to be wedding
parties....they kill Shiites and Sunnis with public bombings....they kill doctors
and patients in hospitals....children in schools, and many other atrocities.

U.S. Military Occupation -- A Faith Based Initiative or I've Got It In The Bag,
Continuing with their millennia-old biblical tradition of waging war for the glory of God, George Bush and his band of merry crusaders consider themselves to be
beyond the reach of International justice. Adding another bloody chapter to the
bible, the holy christian emperor unveiled his plan on CNN (Canonical News
Network). Referring to his plan as G.O.D. (Graciously Ordained Directive), or
following their old testament legacy, the U.S. coalition are laying waste and
devastation in the heathen lands.....and taking everything of value as spoils of
war. Under their divinely inspired mission, they have the protection of Jehovah
and dominion over all the earth and all that inhabit the earth. The empires hold
that they are accountable only to God, King, and Church for their actions.

The Good Warmaking Seal Of Approval
Acceding to the tyrannical tantrums of the infantile emperor and strong-arm
tactics by his secret police, the U.N.H.R.C. has made way for the U.S. imposed Council....on which only the 5 privileged members may serve. Any
nation on the White House's terrorist watch list will be permanently barred from

Borger Thing: Where You Get It Our Way
The United States has demanded that other nations accept its plan for the
privatizing and outsourcing of United Nations operations, and their acquiescence for Bolton's plan for a total overhaul of the organization.
John Bolton's report and recommendations contains a priority program to
create "a truly mobile international civil service" (al CIAduh black-ops squads)
for all United Stations operations. Attempting to draw public attention away
from the corrupt Bush-Cheney-Halliburton Oil For Food program, as well as the
physical/sexual abuse and murders committed by United Stations peace-
keepers, the U.S. government pointed critical fingers of blame at Kofi Annan & Son, and other U.N. officials.

Bush's You Knighted Nations
John Bolton's plan for a major overhaul and restructuring of the United Stations
makes many recommendations for changes, like the provision that gives
him [Bolton] total authority and flexibility to run the newest department of the
U.S. government.
As CEO of the United Stations, Bolton will outsource all of its operations,
including translation operations. Bolton's blueprint for his makeover include a
number of reforms for upper level management, such as making managers more "accountable" and a new ethics office. According to Bolton's report, the
U.S. government is extremely interested in the benefits of relocating
administrative functions to lower-cost countries, and without being specific, has
undertaken a detailed analysis of cost vs benefit for each country considered.
John Bolton will have a deputy CEO, who will be responsible for strengthening
senior management and consolidating more than twenty-five offices, who will be
required to report directly to Bolton's office.

Citizen, Can You Spare A Million?
Bolton's report also pointed out the rapid increase of United Stations operations
in the past twenty years....including the spiraling cost of warmaking and
deployments since 1998. Bolton's office will receive $280 million yearly to give
better pay and benefits to people working in the field....and is asking for
additional funding for training and staff development. The United Stations
building will be given an extensive upgrade of its communication and information technologic systems...bringing it up to par with other U.S. govern-
ment departments and agencies, and which will cost at least $120 million in the next 2 - 3 years. Bolton's report said that despite an increase in spending,
the administrative systems of the United Stations remain underfunded,
outdated, and fragmented -- which renders it incapable of storing, searching,
and retrieving information quickly and efficiently. Bolton also wants greater
authority to merge or redeploy postings, which will result in reduced

Bolton will drastically reduce the more than 270 management and financial
reports printed every year, as well as consolidating the myriad of accounts --
those with independent donations and the plethora of "peacekeeping" accounts, as well as dealing with the problem of insufficient operating funds.
The report also recommends a one-time payment of $100,000 each for all
people whose jobs have been affected by management reforms. The United
Stations has thoroughly examined the experiences of other organizations, and
has finalized the details of a buyout for all affected member-states. The report
says that this staff buyout "will modernize and improve the personnel structure
and quality" of the organization.

U.S. Threatens Iran With "Dire Consequences" For Nuclear Program

The United States government has threatened Iran with "dire consequences"
if it pursues nuclear research and insisted that all nations cooperate fully with
the U.S. in confronting and destroying Iran's "weapons-of-mass-destruction"
program. Speaking to 4,500 delegates at the yearly convention of the American
Israel Public Affairs Committee, John Bolton said that if the Iran regime continues to isolate itself from the international community it will face tangible
and painful consequences. Speaking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN (Captious News
Network) Bolton said that the United Stations will use "all of the tools at our
disposal" to defeat Iran's nuclear program and that we have beefed up our
defensive measures to guarantee success.

At a recent meeting of the International American Energy Agency, the board of
governors has compiled its report on Iran's defiance and has turned the report
over to the United Stations Security Council. The U.S. has tabled a 30 to 60
day deadline for Iran to immediately cease its nuclear program and cooperate
fully with United Stations weapons inspectors, or else they will be subject to
increasing pressure from the international community. Bolton said that Iran is
a threat to the U.S. and our democratic allies. "Iran is a sponsor of terrorism in
Iraq and has a weapons-of-mass-destruction program," said Bolton, "so the
U.S. is prepared to use whatever weapons needed from our arsenal and crush
Iran's "al Qeada terrorist threat."

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on Iran since 1979, when its puppet, the
Shah of Iran, was deposed from authority and fled to sanctuary in America.
The U.S.-led axis of oilvil have also imposed sanctions against Iran....and
continue to deny that they have sold Iran reactors and materials for its nuclear
program, while frantically searching the Proliferation Security Initiative for ways
to deny Iran the right to pursue its civilian nuclear energy program.
David Kay, the ex-head weapons inspector for the United Stations said that it
it will be too late to prevent Iran from conducting nuclear weapons tests.

The International American Energy Agency will report Iran to the United Stations Security Council for refusing to accept U.S. demands that it give up
its uranium enrichment research. With yet another fabricated intelligence
report, the Bush administration says that Iran is not using uranium for civilian
power plants but for making atomic bombs.... and further claims that Iran is
currently testing 20 centrifuges, and plans to install an additional 3,000
centrifuges to elevate its nuclear program to an industrial/military level.

Last month the IAEA said it would report Iran to the United Stations Security
Council, and that military action is still an open option. Bolton said that if the
U.S.-led coalition does not use military force against Iran immediately, its
integrity and credibility would be greatly diminished before the international

Damn The Missiles And Full Speed Ahead
The U.S. and Israel will not accept the legitimacy of Iran's civilian nuclear power
program and have threatened to take any/all action necessary to stop it.
The U.S. occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are a total failure. U.S./NATO
claims of a military victory in Iran is ludicrous, the U.S-led coalition of the
squealing and its supporters are in for a very rude awakening. The attack on
Iran will be scene 3 in Bush's epic war production....and upcoming scenes will
feature Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, and others. Stay tuned to CNN (Carnal
News Network) for the dates and times of programs.

The Prophets Of Profits
The Iranian nuclear program which began about 25 years ago, with reactors
from Canada and other nuclear materials from the U.S., the U.K., and France
was completed by the summer of 2004. Iran is a member in good standing
under the Nonproliferation Treaty and is entitled to pursue it civilian nuclear
program. Independent observers have shown that Iran is not violating the terms
of the treaty.

Hey! Where's The Bomb? or A Tale Of Two Windies
The U.S. says that it has conclusive evidence that Iran has three other nuclear
power plants, two at Natanz and Arak, and the third at Bushehr, which is
currently under construction. Like all other claims of "credible" evidence and
proof by the White House, it is never actually shown to the public....and they
claim that all of this intelligence must be kept classified for reasons of national

May The Farsi Be With You
The U.S. and Israel said they will launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran to
destroy the reactors. Attacking Iran will further unite Muslims and inflame the
Middle East war.....and may provoke a military confrontation with Russia....and
possibly plunge the world into a chaotic nuclear nightmare.

"If at first you succeed, keep doing it because it always works"
-- George W. Bushism
Eager to exact revenge for its loss-of-face in 1979, the U.S. supplied its rubber-
armed muscle man with a plethora of weapons-of-mass-destruction and ordered Saddam Hussein to attack Iran. During the four year war Iran's unfinished
reactors were bombed repeatedly and were severely damaged. Displaying
treachery worthy of a christian nation, the U.S. also supplied Iran with weapons
to make its proxy attack appear legitimate.
The U.S. Government Hall Of Shame
Just as the U.S. government supported Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany as a
buffer against communist Russia until 1941 -- it also supported Iraq as a
bulwark against the revolutionary Shi'ites in Iran.

The Hoarse Whisperers
The Bushehr reactor, orginally given to the Shah of Iran by the U.S., was
rebuilt by the Russians, and became operational in 2003. With the success of
this 1,000 megawatt reactor, Iran developed plans to build another five 1,000
megawatt reactors. Iran and Russia have signed a $800 million agreement, and
Moscow has made it clear that they will not void the contract. Vladamir Putin,
in no uncertain terms, has told the U.S. to mind their own business and to stop
meddling in Russian affairs. Thoroughly fed up with the juvenile school-yard
antics of the Bush administration -- particularly those displayed by Bush and
Rice at recent meetings with Russian officials -- Putin was derisive toward the
U.S., saying that Russia was neither interested or intimidated by U.S. blackmail, cajoling, bribes, etc., and laughingly rejected Bush's demands that
the U.S. be allowed to conduct special inspections in Russia and Iran.

Borg In The U.S.A.! All A Borg!
Ronald Raygun, and V.P. George I, along with Rumsfeld and a Hugh of others,
sent their strawman weapons of mass destruction that were used to attack
Iran....and Hugh turned a blind eye while Saddam used some of those WMD's
to gas Kurds and Iraqi's. Following Washington's 80's failure to totally destroy
Iran's reactors, the U.S. vis-a-vis Sharon, launched a bombing raid on Iran's
reactors, and again, was not totally successful. Continuing with the Jimmy
Carter imposed sanctions, George I, having ascended to the throne, launched
an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and along with other western
democracies, imposed and ruthlessly enforced cruel and crippling sanctions
against Iraq. Saddam Hussein, like Manuel Noriega before him, tired of the
U.S.'s constant demands and orders, told his taskmasters to "Get Fucked."

Briefly interrupting the dynasty of George I, and obeying his inherited directives,
Clinton imposed further sanctions against Iran, after failing with the standard christian practice of offering bribes and other inducements. As the U.S.
sanction raised more than a few eyebrows around the world, Clinton bullied
other nations to support the American embargo......except France and Germany....both of whom publicly "resented" the U.S. policy while covertly
supporting and supplying Iran's nuclear program.

You Don't Like My War? Call 1 - 800 - IRRELEVANT

The Iranian government, responding to the U.S./NATO lies that it is engaged in
the proliferation of nuclear weapons, issued a challenge to western critics to
produce concrete evidence that it had a secret bomb program. The best response Bush II could come up with was, "Can I get back to you on that?"
The U.S., with its Imperialistic punitive punishments, is in clear and obvious
violation of Article IV of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty by threatening to
destroy Iran's civilian nuclear power program.

The U.S. Record Is Badly Scratched or Pwepawe to be assimiwated!
Wesistance is usewess!
In the 1950's, it had been only the U.S. government who promoted the
peaceful uses of nuclear energy by promising an endless and inexpensive
energy for world-wide economic development. The U.S. government(s), realizing
the immense fortune to be made from the sale of their nuclear products, sold
them to the U.K., Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Canada, Japan, North Korea,
Pakistan, Egypt, France, China, Israel -- whom, in turn sold them to other
nations. The U.S., U.K., Russia, France, Israel, China, etc., all played the
spy-vs-spy game, knowingly and willingly trading nuclear "secrets" -- as well as
staging mock trials occasionally, pretending to punish the agents.

George W. Bush: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Chickenhawk
The current administration, the worst violator of the Nuclear Nonproliferation
Treaty, has greatly expanded its nuclear research program -- building many
new reactors around the country -- stepping up production and stockpiling
nuclear weapons -- especially the new generation bunker-buster bombs.
During the 2004 re-selection campaign, Cheney promoted the benefits of
nuclear energy by claiming that the new generation of nuclear reactors are
safer and better for the environment because they give off fewer greenhouse
The Deluge-ion of Centrifuge
In Amerika's post-9/11 apoca-lip-tic nightmare, with the Bush administration
emitting excessive amounts of whitehouse gases, have regaled us with numerous stories of "al Qaeda terrorist dirty bomb attacks" -- or pointing out that if the terrorists blow up a nuclear facility it would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Amerika's worst-unkept secret
Today on CNN (Cathartic News Network), George II re-affirmed Amerika's
right to stage pre-emptive strikes against anyone it declares to be associated
with terrorists/terrorism.
Amerika: Living In A Reality Where Common Sense Is In Short Supply
"Jedi Clampett came to me in a vision," said Bush, "and he said 'better bombs
for your wars you need.' "
Bush has had many meetings with experts to discuss developing generational
new-and-improved mini-nukes and other destructive weaponry, for saturation
bombing of the Middle East. In his State-Of-The-Occupation address,
broadcast on CNN (Carnivorous News Network), Bush said that the bombs
would be used defensively in its pre-emptive strikes, and that no harm would
come to the allied troops stationed there. Amerika is still addicted to its diet
of Borger Things, McBorgers and Lovin' It.

Making The World A Better Place. One Country At A Time
The U.S. and Israel are playing a deadly game in violating the international
nuclear non-proliferation treaty by enlarging their nuclear infrastructure and
increasing the production of bombs for current and future wars.
Israel, not a member of the NNPT, refuses to confirm or deny the nuclear
arsenal they have, as well as producing nuclear weapons. Israel claims that the
nuclear facility at Dimona is only a "research reactor."
In 1979, in cooperation with South Africa, Israel conducted its first nuclear
bomb test. The two nations continued to work together for about 10 years,
selling/buying uranium and trading nuclear technology.
Israel purchased missile technology from France in 1963 -- which resulted in development of its Jericho cruise missile.
With the bombs it has produced, and those from the United States, Israel is
estimated to have up to 400 nuclear weapons.
After South Africa said it had dismantled its nuclear program, Israel signed an
agreement with India.....and by 2000 the trade between the two countries was
worth approximately $500 million a year. Israel has been launching satellites
since 1988 and has a successful space program.

For more info on nuclear states
 link to en.wikipedia.org

The International Chamber Of Nuclear Commerce
The U.S. government claims that the nuclear trade between Iran and Russia is
motivated only by politics and that Iran's nuclear weapons would be used
against U.S. forces stationed in the Persian Gulf.
George Weasel Bush: An American Tale or George Walker-Texas-Ranger
Bush: The Fascist Gun In Amerika
The U.S. government, having supplied North Korea and Pakistan with nuclear
technology, and missiles to Pakistan, is now claiming that North Korea has
given missiles to Pakistan in exchange for gas centrifuge technology.
Washington's claims that it has been successful in limiting the profileration of
nuclear weapons clearly exposes its hypocritical inconsistencies.....however,
the U.S. has been somewhat more consistent concerning Iran, in spite of its
animosity. The U.S. also claims that Iran is making slow but steady progress
in developing intermediate cruise missiles.

Big Toys For Little Boys
"Why Bother Being Boys When They Grow Up To Be Men"
--- Gloria Steinem
While making much ado about other nations with their so-called wmd programs
and links with terrorists, the U.S. government tries to hide its own complicity
because it does not want you to know about weapons that do not officially
exist. With the U.S. as middleman, Israel purchased three submarines from
Germany....the diesel/electric subs have the latest state-of-the-art technology
and are capable of launching conventional and nuclear missiles.
"Wimp?" Nobody...but nobody calls me a wimp!"
--- George H.W. Bush
The French-built Osirak reactor in Iraq, had been inspected by independent
observers, and found not to be in violation of the non-proliferation treaty.
In 1981, with Washington's nod of approval, Israel sent F-15's & F-16's to
destroy the Osirak facility.....because, apparently the U.S. said it had evidence
that Iraq was secretly processing plutonium for nuclear weapons.
Ten years later, Bush I said that U.S. surveillance satellites had detected a
clandestine uranium enrichment facility in Iraq....as well as reports from its
intelligence agencies that Saudi Arabia was covertly funding Iraq's nuclear bomb program. After Gulf War I, the U.S. claimed, that despite constant
bombing, Iraq's nuclear facility escaped unscathed.....yet prior to Gulf War II,
U.S. & U.N. weapons inspectors said that the Iraqi's had dismantled their
program and demolished the reactor site.
"They shouldn't have tried to kill my Pa!"
--- George W. Bush
Twelve years later, Bush II not only claimed that Iraq had resurrected its
nuclear bomb & other wmd programs, but that Saddam Hussein was also
responsible for the wtc attacks and supporting Usama bin Laden/al Qaeda
in their terrorist agenda. And you know the rest of the story. 'Nuff said.

Botch Bushidy & The Gundance Kid or The Oil In The Well Gang
Today on CNN (Conformity News Network), Bush reiterated ad nauseum that
Iran must step down from its wmd program and support of the Phantom al
Zarqawi Menace with IED's and other weapons that are used to kill U.S. forces.
"Iran is America's worst and most dangerous enemy because it is hindering
the U.S. from bringing democracy to oppressed people," Bush said, "and
America will use its right to strike pre-emptively and enforce regime change in
The U.S. & Israeli Air Forces conduct regular training exercises in Turkey
because it has rugged, steep mountainous areas similar to Iran. The rugged
terrain of Iran's mountain range would preclude an assault by U.S. ground
forces. The U.S. would have to launch its air assault from Iraq, from its carriers
anchored in the Gulf, and possibly from Afghanistan. This is why the U.S.
military is conducting "Operation Swarmer" in Iraq. The large helicopter armada
will be used to fly occupational ground forces to Iran after the initial bombing
attack. If you watched the military supplied footage, shown on most mainstream medias, you will see the same looped footage, showing the
helicopter flight, and some troops running on the ground....in a desolate, barren
desert with no indication of any human habitation.....ironic, because the U.S.
claims it is rounding up "insurgents."

U2 Will Become One With The Borg. We Like Bono. or Compassionate
Iran has purchased air-to-ground/ground-to-air missiles, and other missiles,
from Russia....all of which are capable of destroying the U.S. Naval Fleet in
the Persian Gulf, and superior to U.S./Israeli armaments.
Iran has hundreds of thousands of capable military troops, and outnumber U.S.
troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to a high casualty rate in Iraq, a rising
casualty rate in Afghanistan....the U.S. has redeployed troops from Okinawa,
South Korea, and Germany.....but U.S. troops are still spread too thin in the
Middle East. Amerika's invasion and occupation of Iran will unite Muslims into
forming a larger Guerrilla Resistance network to fight U.S. troops.

The U.S. has just sent another 800 troops to Iraq, but George Bush still has
enough troops stationed in America, as well as a myriad of private security
agents and mercenaries....to crush the resistance and possible revolt from the
"domestic terrorists" across America.

Y-y-you will be assim....assimi.....oh, never mind, absorbed.
--- Borgy Pig
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