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Franklin child kidnappings cover-up; 2006 update

Revisit the 1988 Franklin cover-up child kidnapping, involvement of Bush Sr. in pedophile sex parties..
truth will set US free

In 1988 the Franklin Credit Union of Omaha Nebraska was raided by federal agents and a bizarre child sex trafficking ring was uncovered. In addition to pedophile sex parties leading to the Bush Sr. White House, the Franklin Credit Union also provided evidence links to the Iran-contra weapons scandal and embezzlement of funds (40 million) that were intended to help lower income Omaha youth. Instead the prominent Omaha political clique (including police chief) participated in kidnapping and transport of young men, some from the nearby Boys Town home in Omaha..

After the youth testified before a grand jury that they were molested and raped by these prominent individuals in the community, they were arrested for perjury. John DeCamp, former Nebraska senator and author of the "Franklin Cover-up" later won a lawsuit for the young man Paul Bonacci. Other victims who testified died of mysterious circumstances, or experienced "sudden onset suicide" or accidental death syndrome"..

Franklin cover-up revisited 2006;

So what is the connection between the Bush Sr./Jr. regimes and pedophile sex parties? This article on the media's left gatekeepers describes the CIA's Monarch Project, something even radical leftist Chomsky won't touch with a ten foot pole..

"Elite Child Sex Rings

The Monarch Project of prostituting children deserves further mention (although Chomsky would disagree). In 1988 Vice President Bush was caught having 15 year-old call boy prostitutes visiting the White House late at night. The credit cards records to prove it were splashed across the front page of the Washington Times: "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIP's with Reagan, Bush Sr."

Unfortunately the star witness, Craig Spence, was suicided in his hotel with piano wire before he could testify. Book like "The Franklin Coverup" by John DeCamp have further proven the links between the CIA and Army intelligence to the elite sex slavery rings. Cases of like the "The Finders" in Washington DC, where customs agents discovered a CIA warehouse full of child porn and satanic torture, stand as yet further evidence.

In the forrmer Yugloslavia, CIA front company Dyncorp has been convicted of operating in the human slave trade and using their C-130's to ship many of the 200,000 women and children smuggled out every year. Furthermore, mainstream news outlets have shown evidence of UN Peacekeepers assisting the sex trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Balkans.

Despite the voluminous amount of grotesque evidence, Chomsky has never discussed the elite sex trade. This is an issue so shocking, so paradigm-altering, that his Leftist followers would no longer trust their loving mother government, and that is the last thing Chomsky wants. After all, if the Leftists knew that top level politicians are actually pedophiles practicing satanic ritual abuse, they would no longer trust the savior world government. The absence of Chomsky and the Left on the suffering of these children speaks volumes about their true moral character and motives."

WOW! 18.Mar.2006 00:25

why do I believe this?

bekuz its true?

Chomsky 18.Mar.2006 14:19


Chomsky, Chomsky, Chomsky! If only Chomsky would adopt your point of view, his millions of loyal followers would finally be at your command. Yet he refuses... Perhaps because he's part of the Satanic pedophile cult that is ruining your otherwise perfect Democracy. Chomsky is a devil worshipping child molester! If the Left continues to ignore you, try peddling it to the Right. I hear the Promise Keepers have a strong anti-satanic child abuse platform too. Have you tried posting on their website?

My theory on Chomsky 18.Mar.2006 20:23

Fred Bauer

Chomsky uses mostly mainstrain news sources and documents. He's famous for reading the whole New York Times every day. He says that if he could only read one newspaper it would be the New York Times. He also reads huge amounts of documentation from offical sources.

The Chomsky technique is to take the government's own documents and propanda and point out the hypocracy and insanity. He always comes from the point of assuming the mainstream sources are true. It's possible that he is so focused that he looses sight of the obvious, such as the fact that the WTC was brought down by demolition. He says he's not technically proficent and maybe he's telling the truth. But I mean, my God, he says he believes the Warren Commission report. Still, you have to give him credit for actually reading it. It's like a small library. Reading the whole Warren Commission Report would probably kill an ordinary person.

Alot of people these days are throwing around names like Gatekeeper. It don't think that Chomsky is an undercover agent for the New World Order. I think he's just wrong about a few things.