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police / legal m19 2006

2 Numbers to Have for the March 19th Anti-War Rally

#'s to carry or sharpie on your arm:

* Jail Support: 503-234-4518 (Portland Legal Defense Network)
* CALL-in from the street: 503-715-0994 (Indymedia Audio)
The Portland Legal Defense Network will be doing jail support for the massive March 19th Demo against the War. We are a group of 20 radical legal workers and law students. We work in conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild and the NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center. We will be taking calls from the street from people at the march if they wittness police misconduct. If there are arrests we will take collect calls from folks in custody, come and pick you up from the justice center, take you home and then make sure you have good legal representation. We work quickly to get witness statements, pool video for your defense and then get it to your attorney. We do this because our Police force needs to be kept in check and dissenters need protection.

* THE Jail Support NUMBER IS 503-234-4518.


The Indymedia live Audio stream is an important tool for large protests. Anyone who went to the RNC probably knows that the Audio stream was on several pirate radio stations. People could call in and listen to it over the phone, and information from it was used in text mobs. It played a very important role in the dynamic of the protest. If you are out on the street on Sunday (March 19th) please carry the number (503-715-0994) for the live stream in Portland and call in your own reports of what is going on. After the event the audio becomes an important archive of the day's events. Plus, doing your own reporting is fun.

* THE Audio Reports NUMBER IS 503-715-0994.
Audio & Jail Support hand-flier (pdf) 17.Mar.2006 21:28

catherine - portland legal defense network (PLDN)

Small hand-flier to download and print as desired.
Audio & Jail Support hand-flier (pdf)
Audio & Jail Support hand-flier (pdf)

2 Numbers to Have 17.Mar.2006 21:54


2 Numbers to Have ... carry them or sharpie them on you someplace inconspicuous:

Jail Support: 503-234-4518 (Portland Legal Defense Network)
CALL-in from the street: 503-715-0994
2 numbers to have: Jail Support & Indymedia Live Stream
2 numbers to have: Jail Support & Indymedia Live Stream

pdx indymedia needs pirate radio communications 18.Mar.2006 03:39


certainly someone in this town can put can the internet stream on the air for all to hear.

LISTEN IN 18.Mar.2006 09:55


I do not know if it was clear that folks at home can listen to the days events live online. Folks are going to be calling in to the Portland stream from all over the country to report whats going on in their cities to protest the war. At the same time the stream will carry local reports. Word is that Arturo Commando wil be at the helm with Trashina, both of whom have a huge cult following. LISTEN IN.

pirates 18.Mar.2006 16:54


the technological ability for pirate radio is there. the human resources are available. there is a lack of financial resources and infrastructure. if any anonymous person can set up something to provide either of these things, i can see something like that coming together. but, of course, this is just all speculation and rumors...