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UC Davis Primate Research Update

Focus on UC Davis Primate Research Lab includes info on the "unholy trinity" of animal research, biotech and pharma cartel, exposing pharma's "business with disease" and pharma cartel's true motivation of primate testing for pure profit..
Not much going on out here in the Sacto Valley, location of UC Davis Primate Research Center and School of Comparative Medicine (located @ intersection County Road 98 & Hutchinson). Apparently the enlightened scientists at UCD Primate Research still believe that they are able to discover medical treatments by subjecting rhesus macaques and other primates and/or monkeys to bizarre and cruel animal experimentation claimed to benefit humans. Though humans are also primates, we are not identical in physiology and therefore primate testing will not always produce accurate results. This discrepency often comes out after the novel pharma product is released to the consumer market. Meanwhile the primates obtained for research are often hijacked from their native rainforest homes by economically disadvantaged gangs of poachers..

"Primates, on the other hand, are rarely bred in captivity.
The vast majority of the animals pictured in cages in
labs were once roaming free in the tundra of Tanzania,
the sugar plantations of Mauritius or the jungles of
Indonesia and China. Traders in the countries see
primates as 'profitable pests', to be seized and sold
to willing labs abroad. This despite the fact that most
primate species are listed as endangered or
recognised as heading that way."

Who profits from transport of primates??

Unfortunately for the people engaged in this illegal poaching and transport, they are actually doing their native rainforest home an ecological disservice by removing primates from the forests. Trees produce fruit that provide primates with nutrition, and primates return the favor by increasing the tree's genetic mobility. Primates are responsible for distributing tree/plant fruit seeds as they jump across the tree canopy, thus improving the biodiversity range of trees in the rainforest. Ironically many of the trees and fruit plants that will decrease due to lack of primate's seed distribution may also provide indigenous shamans with needed medicinal biomass components to cure human illnesses..

The ignorance of the pharma cartel is obvious by their rush to biopatent plant biochemical compounds for attempted duplication. For one, the genomes of plants are fluid in nature and attempts by pharma cartel at patenting genetic sequences will be shown as poor science. Already several authors have shown that genomes are not fixed entities and cannot be pigeonholed by biopatenting. Essentially biopatenting depends on a similar process used by biotech corporations..

"Living with the Fluid Genome"
by Mae-Wan Ho

"The biotech empire is fast collapsing because it has got the science wrong.
Read this riveting inside-story of the fluid genome from a scientist who has been warning that genetic engineering is both dangerous and futile for over a decade."


(BTW, the UC Davis library still doesn't have this book on their shelf. Could this be an indication of extreme pro-biotech bias resulting from biotech corporarte funding?)

That covers the first two members of the "business of disease" unholy trinity (animal research and biotech), now we need to take a closer look at the third member, the pharma cartel and how their misinfo propaganda effects the overall health of human society..

Another factor is that when pharma corporations attempt to duplicate and isolate an active plant metabolite ingredients, there are many other complimentary interactive plant metabolites removed and left out of the final pharma product. While this may provide consumers with a uniform product, the benefits of the many complimentary secondary metabolites are lost without the knowledge of their role. Herbal supplements or phytomedicines are holistic in nature and provide all secondary plant metabolite ingredients, ensuring a greater balance in the product..

"In contrast to synthetic pharmaceuticals based upon single chemicals, many phytomedicines exert their beneficial effects through the additive or synergistic action of several chemical compounds acting at single or multiple target sites associated with a physiological process. As pointed out by Tyler (1999), this synergistic or additive pharmacological effect can be beneficial by eliminating the problematic side effects associated with the predominance of a single xenobiotic compound in the body. In this respect, Kaufman et al. (1999) extensively documented how synergistic interactions underlie the effectiveness of a number of phytomedicines. This theme of multiple chemicals acting in an additive or synergistic manner likely has its origin in the functional role of secondary products in promoting plant survival."


One example of the above is in the pharma cartel's attempt to duplicate medicinal cannabis in the form of Marinol by isolating only one THC metabolite (delta-9 THC) and removing the approx. 50 other cannabinoid secondary metabolites found naturally in the cannabis plant. This is most liklely because the pharma cartel is threatened by the possiblity of cannabis growers taking away a potential market as the increased success of medicinal cannabis is becoming obvious..

What are some possible risks from pharma product Marinol (delta-THC isolate lacking other cannabinoids)??

"In marijuana THC is accompanied by other cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), which, while not psychoactive, mediate effects of THC such as tachycardia. Marinol lacks CBD and may produce slightly more severe adverse effects than marijuana (Personal Communication, Ethan Russo, 11/13/98)."


Marinol is advertised by pharma cartel as another "wonder drug" that can provide medicinal cannabis patients with the same product as the more holistic plant itself. The pharmaceutical corporations then profit substantially every time a new "wonder" drug is released to the consumer market following an uneventful testing on the helpless primates..

Pharma corporations attempt to provide a pill for every possible human condition, from irritability to insomnia, lack of sex drive to hyperactivity. While many serious human illness like cancer, diabetes and heart disease are often preventable (remove dangerous petrochemical/processed food toxins from ecosystem/diet/etc..), pharma cartel prefers to profit from treating the overt symptoms instead of the underlying cause of illness. Even in this realm they fail to provide lower income people with the treatment of symptoms, yet the nonessential pleasure/band-aid drugs like Viagra and Ritalin recieve generous donations for research, advertising and marketing..

Dr. Matthais Rath has extensive research on the myth of the pharma cartel, and a recent update from an AIDS conference in Africa where the unanimous conclusion was that pharma AIDS products may actually increase the death rate of people suffering from immune disorders. Also, it was agreed upon that improving people's nutrition may enable their immune system to recover, and a great many people in Africa suffer from malnutrition and are misdiagnosed as AIDS victims, the symptoms are nearly identical..

"On June 15 2005, before a capacity audience, attended by the representatives of local and international media, dozens of patients gathered to document with their own lives, that the cause of AIDS can be drastically reversed naturally!

The historic event which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, was a watershed as it showed that health improvements of the patients were achieved following nutritional health program without concurrent ARV drugs. Known symptoms of AIDS, including ulcers, skin rashes, joint pains, fatigue and other related symptoms significantly decreased or disappeared. Evidentially, with micronutrients alone, those living with AIDS can lead almost normal lives again."

Though this author is unaware on Dr. Rath's ethical positions on animal testing, based on his writings about the pahrma cartel it seems the Rath foundation may become an important ally of the animal rights movement in the near future as people join forces to collapse the financial empire of the PHARMA cartel..


Here is the homepage for UC Davis Primate Research;

Some protests @ UC Davis Primate Research from 2004;

UC Davis makes PETA's #4 position in the 2005 top ten worst animal research facilities;


"4. The University of California-Davis

All is not well in sunny California. In 2005, the USDA leveled a nearly $5,000 fine against UC-Davis for animal care violations that resulted in the deaths of seven cynomalgus monkeys. According to the USDA, UC-Davis did not properly maintain the thermostat or temperature cutoff switch in the monkeys' room, thus allowing the room to reach a scorching 115F for many hours at a time.

UC-Davis is home to the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC), which houses approximately 5,000 primates. While many institutions are phasing out animal experiments, UC-Davis is expanding its primate facilities and is constructing a level-3 biocontainment lab for deadly viral infection studies on primates. UC-Davis also subjects more primates to painful and distressing experiments than any other U.S. university: More than 2,000 primates were used there in 2004. In addition to this unparalleled exploitation of primates, more than 500 dogs, 400 cats, 450 rabbits, and 250 horses were used in painful or distressing experiments at UC-Davis in 2004.

Foul experiments are conducted at the CNPRC Inhalation Facility at UC-Davis, in which primates are exposed to pesticides, ozone, smoke, drugs, asbestos, and other toxic inhalants. Unbelievably, the inhalation facility has specially designed chambers for the sole purpose of forcing pregnant and infant monkeys to inhale tobacco smoke. Meanwhile, human clinical observation has clearly shown that smoke exposure causes birth defects and developmental lung problems in human babies. UC-Davis experimenters wouldn't be conducting these hideous experiments unless they brought in significant funding. Shame on them.

Please write, call, fax, or e-mail the head of the university and politely ask him to stop these atrocities:

Larry Vanderhoef, Chancellor
Mrak Hall, 5th Fl.
University of California, Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616
530-752-2400 (fax)

Other UC Davis Primate employee info

by Marburg monkey's mischevious twin

Obviously the employees at UC Davis Primate Research Center may respond better to direct converstation. Here's a few of the people observed leaving work after a long hard day of torturing primates. If u see them anywhere, please tell them i said "hello"..

XL TROUT (possible ego trip, VIP?)



K86 SFW (Texas plate)



1143704 (CA Exempt, security guard)