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My Tuesday with Greg Schumacher and Friends

This Tuesday after work I decided to visit Schumacher Furs and hand out a few fliers. It is quite a different experience than the Saturday demos. It was I and Greg staring at each other through the glass like we were having a contest (I won, boo-ya). He got on the horn and I could tell by his face that he was not happy.
The policeman showed up, went inside, did some hand gestures, and left without acknowledging me. Greg had no recourse but to put his head down, rub his eyes, and curse James Madison and his infernal Bill of Rights. It was very gratifying. Nick later came out and we had a pleasant conversation. He's good people, he's just in the wrong line of work, which I told him. While I was there two people picked up their fur coats, so I imagine they are trying to avoid the weekend. For this reason I would like to encourage you to stop by during the week for whatever amount of time you can. It was time well spent.
Way To Go, Max! 17.Mar.2006 17:27

A Saturday Protester

Max, Thank you for standing up for the animals and to Gregg Schumacher. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.