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imperialism & war m19 2006

Early Morning Awareness on the Overpass

Some early risers took to the Everett Street overpass this morning, hoisting anti-war, anti-imperialist banners high above the freeway. Great job! (And me without my camera.)
As I was rushing on my way to another action this morning, I heard a car honk as I approached the crosswalk at the Everett St off ramp. I looked up to see a knot of colorfully dressed folks holding a sign admonishing people to stop war for profit. Looking across the road, I saw another crew, with a banner unfurled for the pleasure of the people on the freeway below. I recognized some of the good samaritans, others I do now know. I have to say, I love actions like this. Quietly organized without a big block of "sponsors," but tactically arranged to reach people with a message that ties this war with the root of all war.

Perhaps there will be a report-back from the people who participated. Maybe even some photographs. That would be great, since I did not have my camera with me yet this morning when I encountered this much-appreciated little pocket of resistance.