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Oz visit: A Dose of U.S. Delusion from Rice

Australia experienced a dose of Americana in the form of a visit from (divorced from reality) Condoleezza Rice, who maintains that Iraq is in a better position today than prior to the US invasion! The whole world is aware of the absolute DEBACLE that is Iraq today and the ridiculous claims that were made prior to the invasion and now the absurd excuses from Wolfowitz, Rice and others, that everything will turn out fine in the end. Fairytale explanations do not 'cut it' outside the USA, Ms. Rice, what future or 'end' did you have in mind? The whole world is aware that you are 'winging it' or improvising as you go! But it's a damn shame that kids and other innocents are dying while you and your criminally inept government lie and deceive.
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I'm Interested in Apathy 17.Mar.2006 08:54

comfortable and relaxed

I'm always trying to accentuate the positive.
The thing I like about Condoleeza Rice is that she is not a very good liar, and she always looks constipated and nervous when discussing Iraq or 911.

I like her transparency.

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Fairytale explanations do not 'cut it' outside the USA
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"Fairytales explanations" cut it quite well here in Australia, where John Howard was legitimately elected with old fashioned hand-counted and thus verifiable ballots, via an Instant Runoff Voting system that allows for real voting choice. The majority of voting Australians used this system, about as fair as any in the world, to elect a war criminal.
 link to www.letssingit.com
(lyrics to an old aust.indy.pop song!)

In the U.S., on the other hand, two elections had to be stolen, since none of the "fairytale explanations" for war had 'cut it'.

never get comfortable with murder 17.Mar.2006 17:20


Point taken with Howard, but he is a cowardly flea and the whole world knows it - a follower at the best of times and a puppet to the corporations and media barons who maintain his hold on the blue-rinse and yuppy set.

Perhaps we should all get MOVING now and MARCH on our respective Capitals -- together as ONE.

(France is now moving) and the rural population of China has forced the Beijing Government to the table - the future is East as a result of America unnecessarily forfeiting the initiative and high ground. But its never too late!

We are ONE.