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Jonathan Smith, geodesic domes

Interview with Jonathan Smith about building disposable geodesic domes.
geodesic domes
geodesic domes
Interview with Jonathan Smith. We discuss why he chose to build geodesic domes at the Burning Man Project ; Buckminster Fuller; Popular Science's article about building geodesic domes; eBay; the prototypes; modifying the domes for desert heat; the materials he used constructing his domes; the most expensinve parts of the domes; how long he spent in research and development; why he made a web site about building the domes; M.I.T.; how long the domes take to assemble; the advantages and disadvantages of geodesic domes; emergency shelters; Hurricane Katrina and the major earthquake in Northern Pakistan; performing nontraditional Gamelan music; his patented language program; his upcoming travles to Cambodia, Viet Nam, China and Japan using his Fetch-a-Phrase; Ed Dorsey; Monkey C covering Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio", Johhny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and a piano exercise translated into Gamelan music.

Featured mashup is "The Ring Cycle" by Monkey C.

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small WORLD podcast


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What happened to the website 17.Mar.2006 10:02


Are they charging people for the plans now?
Or can I get them from another website?

Geodesic domes, free of charge 17.Mar.2006 14:06

small WORLD Podcast smallworldpodcast@gmail.com

Jonathan makes the plans for his geodesic domes free to everyone.

By the way, you're link is incorrect. It is  http://www.monkeyc.org/dome/

Thanks so much for the correct link! 17.Mar.2006 14:49


I viewed these extensive plans a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, I wrote down the address incorrectly. Thank you Jonathan for providing us with these excellent plans!