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Supporters of mass transit, support Sam Adams

The Jack Bog and Cascade Policy Institute minions are running roughshod over Adams' blog.
Over at commissionersam.com, City Commissioner Sam Adams' blog has been overrun lately with a vocal minority of pro-car, anti-mass transit folks who are using the aerial tram price increase to attack just about everything he posts about transit issues.

No matter what you think of the largely-OHSU-funded aerial tram and its cost overruns, it's important that those of us who envision a more-sustainable, post-love-affair-with-the-car world keep our voices in the mix. I fear that the issues around the aerial tram will lend credence to the libertarian-capitalist credo that groups like the Cascade Policy Institute espouse, i.e. no more light rail or streetcar, increased funding for roads, licensing and taxing bicyclists, etc.

So head over there and join the discussion if you're interested.