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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

Vancouver WA Peace Action

Vancouver WA joins world-wide actions for justice & peace & against war.
Vancouver For Peace will conduct a funeral procession along a 25+ mile long route thru our city on Saturday March 18. For details of this & our other work, go to vancouverforpeace.org.

Report 18.Mar.2006 20:40

Den Mark, Vancouver

Vancouver's "Death of Democracy" funeral procession was over thirty cars long, following a truck-caisson carrying a flag-draped casket. Every vehicle had similar signs, each car with different messages on front & rear, but with identical messages on sides, headlites on, black streamers on aerials, hands extending from windows with peace signs. We covered about 25 miles at steady slow pace. Many passing cars signaled support with horns & peace signs. Altogether a positive two-hour visual peace presence thru'out the city, with no hassle from police or anyone. Afterward, a few of us walked to our usual intersection near the Library, & did a quick streetside visibility. Tomorrow, we'll join Portland's action & help their numbers grow. Protests are not sufficient in themselves, obviously, but are certainly part of the synergy of many kinds of actions that change things, eventually.

Way cool 19.Mar.2006 20:04


It was a way cool event. The best part is seeing all our peace friends together! Sure I was proud Vancouver did its part. It's been an energizing number of days for peace, beginning with lobbying our legislators, and then 2 days in Portland, ending with the Wyden event. Peace now! Stop the killing!