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Tre Arrow and FBI mythology

I'd like to talk with Tre Arrow's lawyer, if possible, to discuss the FBI's activities and how there's no possible way for Tre Arrow to acquire a legitimate trial in the current political environment here in the United States.
If someone has Tre Arrow's lawyer's email address, or if the attorney (who emailed me several months ago) would please email me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to discuss the research that's been done into the FBI's history of mythology building and justification of budgets.

With the latest claims by the FBI that the "Food Not Bombs" food collection and distribution network is some how the FBI's "top 10 domestic terrorist" organizations, and that IndyMedia is also on their top ten watch list, it's clear that the FBI's desires and motivations to hold outrageously and demonstrably false notions of what constitutes criminal activity and what constitutes beneficial, Constitutionally protected activities is such that there is no possible way for Tre Arrow -- indeed for anybody -- to obtain a fair and legitimate defense or trial under this current political regime.

At worst case, Tre Arrow should be released to reside within Canada freely and openly, with his arrest and deportation considered for the futurhe after the repressive FBI activities have been addressed and corrected by the usual checks and balances we used to have here in the United States before"USA PATRIOT Act" and the Bush regime that has inflicted this extremely fascist and unconstitutional environment upon American citizens.

If anyone has the email address, please either contact me, contact him asking him to email me, or if the lawyer reads this, if you'll contact me directly, I would greatly appreciate it.


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