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Donations and Buckets

Having agreed to be a fundraiser, I'll not chance the buckets, so I'll bring my own, a mop bucket.
You could not eat off my home floors, for I prefer marching to peace than mopping the kitchen. Since I agreed to be a fundraiser for the March 19 event, I'm not chancing they'll use KFC buckets (even though I asked them not to). Solution? I'll bring my mop bucket in addition to my large peace flag!

I'm told peace events should not cost money. PPRC tells me they are about broke. Even paper copies cost. I'll not criticize the organizing; instead, I'll work with it. I am higher than a kite in anticipation of celebrating peace this weekend. From Saturday's Death of Democracy caravan in Vancouver to the huge rally and march at the waterfront on Sunday, followed by the support of peace lobbyists at Wyden's office on Monday, it'll be great times. Not to mention the lobbying of our legislators.

Unless the other fundraisers carry mop buckets, it'll be me roving around with one in hand. While I'm supposed to be seeking dollars, I really seek peace. Hugs! gk.
Thanks gk! 17.Mar.2006 07:56

hugs back

You know, my initial reaction to this is to tell you how much I detest those damn collection buckets, so let me just get that off my chest first. But stay tuned, because this isn't just a negative rant. (Just one paragraph of negative rant. Promise.) Here goes.

All right, the buckets. Yes, they actually used (GAG!) KFC buckets at least once. So I thank you IMMEASUREABLY, gk, for taking a stand against the disgusting commercial they provided to the chicken killing, artery clogging, fast food glut pig KFC. I also just have to say that I'm really kind of grossed out by the whole, bucket-passing, giant block of names at the bottom of every flyer, way overdone thing that PPRC does. Peace DOESN'T cost money. And many of us out here are making an active difference in the world withOUT passing around collection buckets. Blek. You should be thanking people for turning out, not putting the touch on them so you can print up more self-glorifying flyers with too many names at the bottom. I have to say, I am not going to attend the march, mostly because of that. I have had some dealings with both Dan Handleman and Will Seaman recently that lead me to believe that they are more about their own egos than about making real changes, and that they feel like it's a personal reflection on how great they, personally, are every time they can pack the streets. I could be wrong, but I felt really let down when both of them failed to rise to a real, important, local occasion that could have made a difference. Not only that, but they have actively worked against other activists in this city. Yuck. But Dan and Will are NOT the face of Portland activism, no matter how much they would like to believe otherwise. (All right, and to be honest, both have done some good things, too. Just not as much as they like to pretend, and not quite enough to make up for working against other activists.)

There. That was the negative rant. I apologize for that, but it had to be said. That was my initial reaction. On thinking about it for a moment, though, I have realized that I appreciate the people who will be marching in the streets this weekend, even if I will not be among them. The thing is, I am learning, these days, that it is good to support any tactic, because we do not know which will be effective and which will not. Even though giant, aimless marches seem ineffective to me, I could be wrong. I think it will take all of us, doing whatever we can, as long as we are all doing SOMETHING, to make a difference. I plan to stop making fun of other people's tactics. So what do you say, PPRC. If I stop badmouthing your marches, will you stop badmouthing more direct kinds of action? If I stop looking askance at your peace cops, will you stop badgering people in black bloc? If I try to understand why you would clunk up your flyers with a quarter-page block of name-dropping "sponsors," will you try to understand that an action that people just DO, without "sponsors," is also a very valuable contribution to real grass roots action?

If we can just begin to come together and stop demonizing each others' tactics, maybe, just maybe, we can all really make a difference. What do you say?

(Thanks again, gk, for what you do.)