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Democrats Gatekeeping against 9/11 Truth

Phil Berg (former Deputy Attorney General of Pa.) negotiates away the First Amendment, attempting to gatekeep against 9/11 truth.
From: Cathy Garger
Date: Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:40 pm
Subject: Trading away our 1st Amendment rights, at the Mousaaoui Show Trial in Alexandria, Virginia

This story must be shared.
So we can fully understand just what we are up against ...

This will not be polished. I am tired and today was a long day. But it will be the best account that I can recall.

It has to do with what happened to me today outside of the US Courthouse at 401 Courthouse Square in Alexandria, VA (the place where the Mousaaoui trial is taking place).

Being an AM of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I was so very eager to hear Dr. Jim Fetzer speak. Even though I agree with some full members far more than others, I wholeheartedly support the concept of getting scholars and experts to unite and tell the truth.

Admittedly, I was much less delighted to hear that Phil Berg (not a Scholar) would also be speaking at the press conference today and was concerned by his presence today... but I thought that I would go and hear what everyone has to say.

So, I drove into VA and brought a sign with me that said:

I approached the Courthouse grounds and asked a police officer how to get to the press conference, and he showed me where to go. I was carrying this sign.

Still carrying the sign, I walked right past two other police officers. I counted and there were 15 police officers all around the press conference. No police officer seemed to have a problem with a woman walking around with a sign.

Then I got to about 20 feet from where the press conference was taking place. I sat down on a bench and put the sign next to me on the bench. I imagine that the TV cameras were about 25 feet away from me and the sign.

The next thing I know two men approached me and said that I was not allowed to have the sign there. One was saying that I must put the sign away because the police said that there were to be no protests nor signs of any kind. The other man was not so gentle. As a matter of fact, his skin color was beet red and the angry, frantic look on his face actually frightened me. He said that I had better put the sign away and if I didn't he was going to get the police after me. Honestly, the man was threatening and I was wondering if he was going to hurt me when the sign kept blowing up again and again in the wind. He grew more furious and I tried to show him that the wind was blowing the sign up - not me.

It was quite obvious that both men were very afraid of anyone seeing that sign.

The first man, I letter found out, was Eric Bradway, who described himself as a Constable in PA and Phil Berg's "Roadie." The second, hysterically angry, threatening man was Phil Berg.

Two other activists were sitting across from me on another bench. One of them must have seen the shaken look on my face and was decent enough to come over to me to explain that the press conference people had been fore-warned before I got there that no type of protest was allowed to take place.

I was not protesting a thing. I simply had a sign sitting next to me on the bench (that is, before Phil Berg and his roadie made the sign get put face down on the ground and the roadie's bag placed atop it. Later, the roadie made sure that the sign did not walk around with me but that it instead would get folded neatly and deposited into the trash).

I enjoyed meeting Jim Fetzer, Co-founder of Scholars, and he sincerely seemed to be concerned about would this be an effective way to reach people. He asked me a couple of times if I thought it would do some good. I could not hear, however, hear what the other presenter, Colonel Nelson, was saying, nor Phil Berg (only heard him talk about William Rodriguez and RICO).

It is important that I find out if my rights were violated today. I believe that a person should be able to sit silently about 100 feet away from a US Courthouse and have a sign sitting next to her on a bench without being harassed and threatened by an attorney and his Roadie.

All I know is that Phil Berg and his "roadie", "Constable" Eric, scared me so badly that I went into almost a state of shock. I can not even remember their words exactly, but I was shaken to the core. I remember being very upset and approached Phil Berg a moment after he had lost his cool with me and told him that I would never do anything knowingly to hurt the Scholars.

All throughout the event, "Constable" Eric, was apologetic forever after I told him I am a writer and he tried to smooth things over with me for a very long time by making pleasant small talk. Then later I saw him go up to Phil Berg and said to him, "You'd better go talk to her." And Berg, softened, after seeing that I was talking to Jim Fetzer and Webster Tarpley (and was not just a mere protester) tried to apologetically explain that the police had told us that we could have no protesting.

I will not comment right now other than to say that I believe that not only were my rights violated, but no police officer seemed to have a problem with me - Only Berg and his Roadie. I sensed that they did not want the TV cameras to pick up my sign that said 9/11 AN INSIDE JOB.

I will watch to see if the DC news stations pick up the press conference at 11:00 p.m. tonight.

I will report back after I find out if my rights for freedom of expression were violated.

Only two others were there, who found out about the event, they said, from Gabriel Day. Neither women had a sign that I could see. There were no other protesters present. Just me and my sign.

Below is the letter I received tonight from Berg's "roadie", Eric Bradway. I normally don't share other people's notes to me, but this just does not seem genuine. It certainly did not appear that either men was concerned about my rights. One would think an attorney would have been concerned about rights (and not work to restrict them).

When the right of freedom of expression by a peaceful ordinary middle-aged citizen sitting quietly with a sign next to her on a bench is violated? This is how the Police State flourishes.

Cathy Garger

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 18:35:40 -0800 (PST)
From: "Eric Allen" < wipigaki4u@yahoo.com >
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It was great to meet you today I hope you will find it in your Heart to forgive me about the Sign as I said it goes against every grain in My Body . We had to negotiate to Do what we did today and part of that was surrendering our first amendment right I am so sorry I have always fought for the 1st amendment But I was outgunned down there if you know what I mean Those Machine Guns were scary But Now I'm thinking that's how they controlled the Jews in Germany a couple of guys with machine guns Now I'm really ticked that I did not fight for your right Please Forgive me Eric Bradway P.S. The Head Gendarme was right on me as soon as he saw your sign

Attention: To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Phil Berg .... a COINTELPRO asset ?
(directed by Democratic Party hacks to gatekeep against 9/11 activism)

Phil Berg (former Dep. Attorney General of Pa.) and his flunky, "Constable" Bradway, both know the Bill of Rights and, as officers of the Court, have taken oaths to uphold and defend those God-given natural rights.

They understand the 1st Amendment's guarantee of the people's right to assemble; to petition their government for redress of grievances; to exercise FREEDOM OF SPEECH and freedom of the press.

As established by legal precedent, and two centuries of numerous Supreme Court decisions ("Stare Decisis"), it is the Constitutional right of any American to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with a slogan, or carry a sign in a public space.
Indeed, it is the DUTY of Americans to freely exercise that right.

The only possible exception that any court might hold to this right, would be covered under "obscenity" ("dirty" words) or "fighting words"(such as racial epithets or ethnic slurs), or "shouting fire in a crowded theatre".
A sign bearing the message "9/11 - An Inside Job", falls into NONE of the afore-mentioned categories.

Berg knows this and "Constable" Bradway knows it.

Their threats and intimidation of an American, for simply exercising the right to free speech, violates and debases our most sacred national traditions.

These two men sold their souls in Alexandria on March 14, 2006, publicly exposing themselves as despicable traitors to their country, legal charlatans, and political prostitutes of the lowest order.

As duly licensed officers of the Court, they knew exactly what they were doing, and bear full responsibility for their arbitrary and willful actions, in attempting to silence a fellow-American.

This message may be forwarded to Berg, Bradway, the Bar Association of Pennsylvania, the ACLU; or any other "peer" groups deemed appropriate by anyone reading this post.
I heartily encourage others to spread this far and wide.
Berg and Bradway are a disgrace to their profession.

thank you 22.Mar.2006 17:07

jo march

for what you did. you re one of the brve oes and i can't imagine what it felt like to be harrassed the way you did. i would have been afraid of police brutality and arrest if i did not put the sign away. the information you give is so very valuable - it's amazing that cindy sheehan got arrested for wearing a tee-shirt and a woman on souothwest airlines as well. we need to stick together in this facist country if we are to accomplish anything, and your actions and follow up are an inspiration!