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instead of useless marching....go occupy something and really get the message out

do something else

the republican hq's
Senator Smiths offices
your local fox station.  http://www.kptv.com/

go in occupy it with messages of resistance and stay until the police pull you out. lots of publicity and kinda hard to ignore in the mainstream media.
V is for.. um .. Shut up 16.Mar.2006 23:58

Er sorry, But really be more constructive

Illegal stylee action is SO 90's.

Publicity for what? Hippies are for Peace?
Punks for crust? I don't get it. er well I've been cranky BUT my point IS:

Me thinks something along the lines of Common Grounds collectives are SO now.

Instead of essentially wasting er waiting to get arrested at some one else's office. Go start your own and start providing the services you want to see ala "being the change..".

If you're thinking dismantle the institutions that are in your mind arn't working what happens then? Martial law?

V 17.Mar.2006 03:24


is obviously a new-comer.

There are action planned 17.Mar.2006 06:35

I've got a secret

Patience Grasshopper.

Kind of a sad string here 17.Mar.2006 15:20


Well, in the first place, grassshopper, if actions really are planned, maybe um...be quiet about it.

More to the point, though, I guess I expected V's post to be more than just a one-liner rant. The truth is, there probably are a lot of more effective things that people could be doing than marching around in a circle this weekend. So I do kind of understand the sentiment. Then again, there are also a lot of things people could be doing that are a lot more harmful than marching in an anti-war march. (They could be shopping.) I guess I'm getting kind of tired of the sophomoric division between those who would chant "peace" but demonize anyone who would do anything illegal (gasp!) to obtain it, and those who would glorify only the most militant of tactics. Yawwwn.

Actually, I think all tactics are useful. Do something, do anything, just do something. Write letters when that works, chain yourself to something when that works, throw bricks when that works, march in a circle when that works. I think the purpose of these giant marches is to bring people into a movement for change. They're probably useful for that. I know I've seen a lot of people take part in a march, feel really exhilarated after, read all the handouts pressed into their palms, and begin to move toward a more radical, empowered, perspective. So I do not think it's necessarily productive to sit back and berate people for taking part in such things.

Let's face it, there are good things and bad things around every tactic. Giant marches do tend to water down any real message behind "mainstream" sensibilities, and yes, they often just funnel people into downtown in their gas guzzling cars, to shop later. Yes, Ive almost always seen droves of good folks sitting at Starbucks after, their little signs leaning against their knees as they sip the corporate poison. Or wandering into Pioneer Place once the march is over -- after all, they've done their part, now they deserve a trip to the mall. This is a lack of understanding regarding the underlying issues. It's a failure to grasp the link between the consumer lifestyle and war, between capitalism and war, between one's own habits and the state of the world. The hardest, and probably most effective thing a person can do is to change her own habits to make the world better. This is something I would like to hear the pre-march speakers talking about, rather than compounding the problem by passing around collection buckets to reify the notion that we need to spend and consume to make a difference.

But the fact that these things happen is no reason to condemn those who would take part, nor to actively undermine their efforts. It's true that people could use a reminder that it's not enough just to walk around holding a sign once in awhile, but that doesn't make it as pointless as I, myself, have sometimes indicated. The truth is, these marches are a starting point for many people. They are also a reminder that most of the people in this country are not down with what the government is doing to other people in our names.

I think I would just like to see people refrain from demonizing each others' tactics. (A friend recently said that, right before going away to jail for being a REAL activist. I've been thinking a lot about what he said, and I believe he is right.)