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imperialism & war m19 2006

What I will be doing this Sunday

I am going to the march on Sunday. I am going to listen to the speeches, and then walk in the streets to support an anti-war effort. Bring the troops home now. Get out of other people's countries and stop killing them. Impeach the man in the White House, then try him for Treason. I believe it is important for all people of conscience to march, to educate, to engage in outreach. I hope everyone reading this will go out there.
I want to explain my worry about the day. I am afraid that some of the speeches are going to reflect the party line of the establishment left. The idea that I may hear about things like exit strategies, or ideas like needing to stay there in some capacity to prevent civil war make me feel nausea. I so hope that is not what I hear!

I also am afraid of hearing some of the mainstream ideology about Iran, justifications about why they are pursuing the bomb, and so on. There is no substantive evidence that they are, only the exact same type of government lies used to invade Iraq. It makes me frustrated when I see leftist publications accepting the government line, as many have over the past few months.

Recently the American Conservative magazine had a headline saying: We Don't Need an Exit Strategy, We Need an Exit! We need a strong clear voice to be heard!

I so hope to stand outside with thousands of other people and hear a resounding antiwar message without any of the prevarication that the Democratic Party has managed to inject into the anti-war movement. I hope to hear and feel a palpable outrage throbbing through the crowd as we give voice to the horror of the crimes against humanity that have been committed in our name. I hope to hear and feel a passionate and heartfelt cry for justice and sanity, not a watered down message meant to somehow be palatable, but ending up somehow tasteless and without nutrition.

I pray that a new movement, born of the ashes of the old, will be revealed. That a spark will ignite into a flame, which will spread across the land, and drive back the darkness. Let it be so.
insurrection against apologism 16.Mar.2006 19:51


Its time folks to shout out the apologists, to grab our movement and take it as ours. Its also time to call into indymedia from the streets. Look for the leaflets... you are the eyes and ears and we will be doing a live webcast!
Solidarity, Victory, Liberty, Love!
Pinky Atomic

the speakers 16.Mar.2006 23:30

I'll be there

The speakers at the rally are: Ramon Ramirez, president of PCUN and the leader of the immigrants' rights campaign in Oregon; Leroy Haines, Pastor of Allen Temple Baptist Church and was and organizer for SCLC and SNCC, and was a cofounder of the Black Panther Party in Texas; Jamilla Wahab, an Afghani women and documentary film maker; An Iraqi journalist; Luis Primo, a leader in Venezuela's largest labor federation—the National Workers' Union; Veterans for Peace and more.

Exactly what "party line" do you expect from these WORKING radicals (as contrasted against the armchair radicals)?

thanks 17.Mar.2006 08:50


Thanks for the info. I did not know who was speaking. Now I feel more confident that I will like what I hear!