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Support and Solidarity for Tre...
On the evening of March 13th, a beautiful culmination gathered in front of the
Vancouver Island Correctional Centre to offer courage and strength in solidarity
with Tre Arrow. Dozens of supporters including elders and children were present.
Many walks of life showed up to offer prayers for Tre as he embarks on a 24-day
hunger strike to protest the injustice of his situation. At about 6 pm, the critical
mass bike crew rolled up with their "Free Tre Arrow" flags, boosting the energy of
the group with their dedication. As the evening light slipped into darkness our
flickering candles stood out upon the landscape outside the prison fortress. The
media arrived and two designated spokespersons read a statement on behalf of Tre
followed by a group statement. We then proceeded to have a minute of silence. All
who were present could feel the powerful energy of our collective intentions. The
full moon stillness added to the depth of the moment as we sent our message down
through the concrete sidewalk and into the heart of the earth. It is this same place
where Tre continues to draw the energy that helps him to persevere after two years
caged up amongst violent criminals and armed guards. Knowing that Tre was doing his
best to tune in through the small window in his cell, we proceeded to unify our
voices in chanting the phrase, ?Good where we?ve been, Good where we?re going to.?
The steady drumbeat penetrated the heavily fortified compound. As the group turned
to face the prison, many of us noticed the silhouettes of prisoners in nearly every
window. They were obviously very interested in what was going on out front. The
emotions ran high as we bellowed out our positive message. We have yet to determine
whether or not it was Tre who was waving excitedly through a second floor window.
Regardless, it was definitely was clear that the message got through. At one point,
one of the prison workers came close to the crowd to access his vehicle. Someone
asked him to ?give Tre a hug? for them. He responded by saying ?I really like Tre.?
Naturally, anyone who gets to know Tre finds him to be very likeable. He is
respectful, intelligent and conscientious with a sincere concern for the state of
our world. Certainly not the menace to society portrayed by the media. All in all,
it was a great success. I?m sure everyone who participated left feeling greatly
enriched by the experience. Clearly, Tre continues to touch many lives in a
meaningful way.

In love, peace and solidarity...

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org