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Organ transplants favor rich, medicare drug plan favors HMOs

I'm on a steroid regimin and can't sleep too well so I'm sorry if this is somewhat incoherant but I have a few thougths to share on the health care system. Sorry my word processor doesn't work on this comp or I would spellcheck.
I need a kidney transplant. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to get a kidney transplant, but I am most disgusted by the financial questions. Even though the anti rejection drugs cost only pennies to make drug companies charge as much as $1,200 a month for them. The doctors want to make sure that if I lost my medical I could come up with the money for the anti rejection pills and not loose the kidney. Any kidney patient, regardless of age or income, qualifies for Medicare and essensially free (well, $90 a month) dialysis. I've heard varying estimates about how much the dialysis costs, ranging from 3k to 25k a month. It would be so much cheaper for Medicare to just cover the rejection drugs instead of dropping people after they get a transplant because the transplant nurse I've talked to said many are disqualified for not being able to afford the drugs. I have to be very queit and complacent to continue to qualify for a transplant but I'm surprized these people who are denied transplants for financial reasons aren't making more noise.

Funny how if Walmart buys teeshirts from China, its free trade, but if I buy my drugs from Canada, its a crime.

Also I found out what this whole prescription drug deal is about. I was talking to people in my dialysis center, every one of us are required to use the medicare drug coverage and most of our premiums went up. For the HMOs this means not having to provide drugs to many sick and disabled people on medicare but still charging them the same premiums.

Now that I'm medically stable I've been thinking about poking my head around in protests again. Thing is I have to be in dialysis every other day or I could die. My boyfriend and I are unsure if I would be released to go to dialysis. I have very compelling evidence of my condition all over my body but in my experience cops don't know what a dialysis catheter looks like.