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Germany: public service since 6 weeks on strike !

Germany. The public service is on strike since 6 weeks. And this, because the german state wants its employees to work 40 hours a week - and not 38,5 hours a week like now - without paying them more money.
In countless cities, towns, villages, nurses, kindergarden employees, states´office workers, street cleaners and so on did not do their job since 6 weeks...
the longest strike in the public service in Germany since 80 years!
the longest strike in the public service in Germany since 80 years!
The chief of the biggest striking union VerDi, Frank Bsirske, said, if necessary they could strike 1 year long.

The state now tries to train people living on welfare to do the jobs of those who are on strike - which is against german law www.germany.indymedia.org//2006/02/139155.shtml

German population seems to be in solidarity with the striking workers. German Mass Media tell lies about the strikers...

From today on also thousands of doctors all over Germany will take part in this strike. They have to work up to 80 hours a week - and often get paid bad. Their salary was cut down 7%. Their working time grew 9%. They often work at the weekend without being paid for it.
They now want 30% more money per month. and better working conditions.
a mediation failed - it is now the 8th week of strike 21.Mar.2006 10:13

someone from germany