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How To Walk On Water

I have a secret. I've been trying to tell you my whole life. Ready?
Okay, HERE WE GO ...
How To Walk On Water

(Thursday, March 16, 2006)

From the desk of the HumanityFamilyAdvocate:

Every entity on Earth, experience my words:

Good morning. The Tsunami that caused vast flooding in the Far East, and Hurricane Katrina, having flooded New Orleans, is proof that humans do not walk on water, they drown in it. That has nothing to do with religion, yet the "walk on water" story is often misconstrued by religions. The reason for this will become obvious in a moment. Bear with me, please.

Since ancient times, stories have been collected and shared, providing guidance to the living through the experiences of all whom lived before you. These stories have a common theme, "how not to be hateful," (HowNotToBeHateful). I have often expressed this as, "HowNotToLive," or, "HowNotToBeMean," because we learn through experiences, even the experiences of others. Whether you are religious or not, the following message is vital to your life, liberty and pursuits of happiness.

Our societies today, regardless of locations or languages, have been constructed around religious elements. Words themselves were provided by religions. That is why this message is vital to all whom are alive today, every human on the planet, the entire HumanityFamily ("humanity family"), and all that live beyond now. You see, there was a misconception that evolved along the way, from long ago, and it affects everyone.

The EXACT ROOT of ALL RELIGIONS is the shared message of how NOT to treat others. This is so that your life, and the lives of those experiencing life with you, as well as all things you encounter throughout life, serve and protect one another, BETTER, in peace.

Therefore, what is the EXACT ROOT of ALL religions?

It's an equation. It goes like this: (-)AND(+)EQUAL HATE/Nothing/Death/DeathWorship. Translation: "{negative and positive} equals hate, or nothingness, which leads to death, and that is Deathworship". You see, when you say, "I'm positive and you are negative," then you have concocted a self-made PositiveKingdom ("positive kingdom") from where you project hate for all the people you take it upon yourself to label as being 'negative.' Any excuse will do, such as words, activities, possessions, ownership, money or lack of it, size, shape, color, what is in a person's crotch, or not in their crotch, how a person uses their crotch, or not, how they express themselves, spelling, verbiage, wordage, their art, their jobs, their talents, their interests, their opinions, their ideas, their knowledge or what they do not know, entertainments, the sound of their voice, their appearance, looks, whom they LOVE and how they LOVE, or their smells -- it's a practically endless list of excuses to hate, discriminate, discriminately-hate, DiscriminHate others. And these are always excuses to label yourself as being 'positive' and all others 'negative.'

Do you understand the importance of this? Let me explain a bit further:

After concocting a self-made PositiveKingdom, or subscribing to one, you have painted a giant 'positive-sign' on yourself, figuratively, of course. This is where you perform what is called, "figurative carpentry," (FigurativeCarpentry). Because AFTER concocting the excuse to hate 'negatives,' you perform FigurativeCarpentry, hammering 'negatives' ruthlessly to the merciless cross of shame (positive sign) ("CrossOfShame" or "MercilessCrossOfShame") in your so-called 'positive-goodness.' Again, any excuse will do and it's practically an endless list of excuses to hate 'negatives' and hammer them up on your cross, your 'positive-sign,' the symbol of hate. Do you think being nailed to planks in figurative carpentry, therefore a wooden positive-sign, or cross, would be fun? A thing of goodness? Not painful? Not hurtful? Not a thing of TERROR?

For example, a messenger is hated, their messages ignored while so-called 'positive-people' hammer the messenger ruthlessly to the MercilessCrossOfShame, performing FigurativeCarpentry. The messenger is ugly? Nail him. Says odd things? Hammer him! Spells poorly? Nail him again! Isn't wearing 'your kind of clothes?' HAMMER him up! Has a voice you dislike? Hate him! Loves in 'not your kind of way?' Guilty! Smells funny? Crucify him! Ignore THE MESSAGE. This is the EXACT ROOT of ALL religions: "HowNotToBe," or, "HowNotToLive," or just plain how not to be hateful towards others.

This is the EXACT ROOT of ALL religions, since ancient times, and always has been. Anybody can be hated, labeled and hammered ruthlessly as a 'negative' to the positive-sign, the MercilessCrossOfShame, by so-called 'positive-good-people.'

It leads to wars. Death. Therefore, "DeathWorship."

Our collective societies on earth are ALL built around the concept of 'negative/positive' HATE, which is THE DECEPTION. It was misconstrued during societal development, all along the way, since long ago. Only the properties of a few tiny elements in a vast universe are 'negative' or 'positive.' Not people. Not actions. Not words. Not clothes. Not ideas. Not thoughts. Not expressions. Not looks. And most certainly NOT LOVE. Love is ALWAYS UNCONDITIONAL. Only hate puts conditions on LOVE.

Again, it was all misconstrued along the way, taken out-of-context. Have you ever sat in a circle, as a child, and whispered a message from person to person? Then you know that the words, when they come back around to you, after traveling around the circle from ear to ear, get distorted. That is exactly what happened with the ROOT of ALL RELIGION. After having casting out the hatefully labeled 'negatives,' those whom declared themselves 'positive,' became isolated, distorting language, becoming babblized, and the ROOT was ignored, a message of DECEPTION concocted over an extended period of time.

Now, we have a multitude of 'PositiveKingdoms,' from where so-called 'positive-people,' concoct a plethora of excuses in which to label others 'negative' and perform FigurativeCarpentry upon them, hammering them ruthlessly to the MercilessCrossOfShame/Hate/Death in DeathWorship. It is not done out of 'concern' AT ALL, but subtle hatred, to perversely examine and control crotches, and DOMINATE, terrorizing all others through shaming and blaming them for all that they do -- for breathing, literally, because it's all about dominating humans by shaming them into submission. And that is all wrong. It is trained. Programmed. Subtle brainwashing.

Over the millennia, the example of a person getting the 'figurative carpentry' treatment, was turned into a 'living person' that made a 'sacrifice.' Do you think someone would be insane enough to climb up on planks at the prime of their life to be nailed and murdered, willingly? That would not be sacrifice. If done willingly, it would be extreme masochism. What it WAS and IS, is a person being dragged, UNWILLINGLY, kicking and screaming to be murdered, DENIED, IGNORED, HATED, their frail, fragile body robbed of life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness.

All the pomp and ceremony of various religions, denominations, sects, cults, cabals, etc., was added LATER to the ROOT I just described. It is aside from the ROOT, an unnecessary 'branch' stemming off with wild abandon from the ROOT itself. There is now so much pomp and ceremony and concocted excuses to HATE and do FigurativeCarpentry in all religions that the ROOT is forgotten, entirely. This has concocted another aspect of a very dangerous multi-faceted, global crisis, where what has become various religions, all conspire together to enact global FinalBattles ("final battles") in order to PROFIT from atop the rubble, misery and grief, merely to say, "we told you so!" in their so-called 'positive-goodness.'

And that is why it does not matter if you are religious or NOT. This message is addressed to every consciousness in existence EQUALLY. This situation affects every thing in existence. You, too. And you. Even 'you' over 'there' -- wherever 'there' may be. All of us, all of you, all of them, all things.

I'm sorry to bring you this news, because upon being told, you will know it's true to the CORE of your BEINGS and it may very well break your heart, because you have been DECEIVED with extraneous complications that have diluted the ORIGINAL MESSAGE itself, the ROOT of ALL religion. Remember, truth does not hurt, only being deceived hurts. Love doesn't hurt either. "If it hurts, it's something ELSE," as my good friend Melinda Hart once told me with such enlightening words, and that's an exact quote. It's a PlagueOfGrief ("Plague of Grief") I bring to many with MY WORDS, and I am sorry to do so, but the DECEPTION must be HILIGHTED to bring peace to earth, not off-planet in a fictional undisclosed location, during a fictional life, but this earth, during this life. PeaceOnEarth ("peace on earth"). Not 'off.' ON.

The meaning of life, ("MeaningOfLife") is NURTURE, from FIRST BREATH. Prior, the womb where all life is CREATED, is the sole responsibility of that woman and her private medical condition. We are all here to assist in HER nurture, IF DESIRED. IF, and it is a big 'if,' a baby is born and takes FIRST BREATH, then even men, or any gender, may nurture that new INDIVIDUAL. Until then, she has the freedom to NOT nurture herself, including that which depletes her of energy, as all parasites do, and she may suspend care for herself at ANY TIME with or without your consent, as all may do, regardless of gender. Only perverts examine and attempt to DOMINATE crotches and are now attempting to infiltrate the INSIDES of those crotches in their molestive perversions, forcing their hate into all of our faces non-stop, which is just more concocted excuses to perform FigurativeCarpentry and HATE others, thus DIVIDING, CONQUERING and DOMINATING, not uniting in peace.

I have been trying to remind and tell you all about the ROOT of religion and how it affects all things in existence since my own FIRST BREATH. I did not know your words. Since that time, I wandered and experienced it for myself, striving to understand the DECEPTION in all it's seemingly infinite forms. I examined and experienced many things, but never once initiated violence against any other person, striving to learn the language and experiences necessary to bring you MY WORDS. It is TIME.

Once again, I am proud to PROTECT AND SERVE the entire HumanityFamily.

We are in this together, and we must FIX IT TOGETHER, this deception, and bring peace to earth. As with "PeaceOnEarth," 'heaven' is built here, not off-planet in a fictional undisclosed location during a fictional life, but here on this peaceful earth, during this life, together. It can be called anything, but 'Heaven' is a word we all know. The MEANING IS CLEAR, in any case. ON earth, not 'off.' ON. HeavenOnEarth. PeaceOnEarth. Simple. Only hate is expensive, while peace is free. PeaceOnEarth.

As a reminder, religion's evolution took the WalkOnWater story and perverted it's meaning into an excuse to shame, blame, and hatefully hammer to the MercilessCrossOfShame, all those whom can't do it. Can you walk on water? Of course not. All fail at the effort. Nobody can and never will. And that's how far from the ROOT religion has EVOLVED.

HatefulReligiousSupremacy ("hateful religious supremacy"), DeathWorship, has infected Earth. We need work together to return all religions to the ROOT and cast off the numerous excuses to hate others through FigurativeCarpentry, the TRAINED behavior of HatefulReligiousSupremacy, and learn, once again, HowToLive -- through the example of how not to be hateful towards yourself or others. I have asked. I have begged. I have COMMANDED IT.

PeaceOnEarth, and Kind Regards, ALWAYS.

CLAYTON LEON WINTON (claytOnleOnwintOn) - HumanityFamilyAdvocate
UniversalTheorem is HERE NOW -- OnTime, RU?
tel#: 208-448-2215

Copyrite/rights 1962-2006 All Rights Reserved By Clayton Leon Winton
May be distributed IN FULL, AS IS with ZERO MODIFICATIONS. Contact me for permission to reprint for profit. May be reprinted if request for donation to me is included (address: POB#2123, Priest River, Idaho, USA 83856). My EQUATION and all conceptual and intellectual property associated with it, including terminology is PROTECTED -- DO NOT MODIFY NOR PLAIGERIZE.

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new age bullshit! 17.Mar.2006 03:47


No, the "roots" of "all religions" are not the same.

No, they're not "an equation," but you get extra points for pseudo-science.

Nothing 'new age' about it. 17.Mar.2006 20:56

Clayton Winton cwinton@priestriver.com

There is nothing 'new age' about it. I am addressing the words in the comment and make no judgments regarding the person whom may have typed them. When making 'negative' assumptions about me, the messenger that wrote the article, the comment implies that the person whom typed it is 'positive,' therefore PROVING my article, and my equation, because I just got hammered ruthlessly to some one elses' self-made 'positive-sign,' the merciless CrossOfShame, in their so-called 'positive-goodness,' even though it was WRONG ASSUMPTION, therefore, subtle excuses to be hateful.

All religions are ROOTED on the equation I provided, "How NOT to be HATEFUL."

Again, I address the words on the screen in the comment below my article -- and make no judgments against the person that typed those words. Sometimes words come out wrong. Sometimes, words are 'knee-jerked' through assumptive reasoning. I understand that.

As for 'psuedo-science,' those words imply 'negative-subhuman-standards,' as set by a 'positive-person' in their so-called 'positive-goodness,' as they HAMMER the messenger ruthlessly to the MercilessCrossOfShame and thereby IGNORE the message. The message is NONE OF THAT.

Perhaps I misinterpreted the words in the comment? Perhaps I 'knee-jerked' those words? Perhaps I am being defensive without cause?

If any disagree, please comment without ad hom. Thank you.