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Conduct Unbecoming Police Officers

I post this here as a reminder of what our local Portland news media
COULD be reporting if they weren't in the pockets of the local government officials.

Evidently reporting the TRUTH means something in Seattle.
from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper:


Over the past several months, the Seattle P-I has exposed the Sheriff's Office for rewarding rather than punishing cops who get in trouble, failing to investigate possible criminal behavior and suppressing internal whistle-blowing.

Whistleblowers are forced out. Bad cops stay on the job. A P-I investigation found several reasons for officer misconduct and breakdowns in discipline and accountability in the King County Sheriff's Office.

Ever seen a story like this in the whOregonian ?

in the Portland Tribune?
in Willamette Week?
on KATU?
on KOIN?
on KGW?
on KPTV?

Will any of them have the GUTS to report the TRUTH in the Portland area?

We ALL know the same kinds of things happen here.
Citizen's lives and liberties are at stake.
YOU or I could very well be the NEXT victims of police misconduct.

The stories ARE there. PoPo, Clackamas County Sheriff, Sandy PD...

homepage: homepage: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/conductunbecoming/

What about Street Roots? 16.Mar.2006 00:08

Just an idea

What about street roots taking on the role of investigative, in-depth coverage that none of the others are willing to provide? Broaden from homeless issues (not stop covering or serving them, of course) and getting to the meat of environmental, social and economic justice in Portland. Get more progressive local advertisers to support them. Keep providing income for its vendors, and in the way I suggest, improve sales.

nice tip on the PI articles 16.Mar.2006 13:55


Marleen; thanks for the heads up on the SPI "conduct unbecoming" articles. The post intelligencer has done a tremendous number of articles about this situation in King County. I'm just gradually making my way through all the them. Noting all the links and collecting the pages is a process in itself.

Things certainly seem to be different here in our part of the country, for some reason. No doubt some people here believe we have cops just as bad as those up there. If there are, those with the means to do so, don't seem to want to go after them.

Carlos Rubios' family continues to be firmly convinced, despite an aparrent lack of much of substance to support it, that police were involved in his death. Nobody comes forward with even the slightest information to either refute the Rubios family's allegations, or support them. The mainstream media doesn't seem to be going after this story.

So far, I've read about deputy Dan Ring and deputy Joseph Abreau III. Ring exudes a level of corruption in reality that is more closely associated with the worst imaginable criminal characters of fiction. Yet, the chicks still dig him, and authorities can't seem to really touch him.

Comparing the King County situation to ours locally, even though in KC, where they've had solidly identified miscreants in the sheriff's department, witnesses to back up allegations against them, and authorities disposed to a meaningful degree to go after them, it appears to still be very hard to bring about meaningful, postive change.

Ring, just ran circles around everyone, revelling in completely cynical regard for general principles of ethical conduct essential to the sustenance of a civil society.

Abreau sounds more like some of the Jekyl/Hyde officers in the PPB. The story of his road rage behavior says much.

I'm looking forward to reading more of the PI's articles about this situation.