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Former Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy changes his plea to 'guilty'

To protect and serve (himself)

story from KATU's website
CLACKAMAS COUNTY - A former Clackamas County sheriff's deputy accused of robbery was in court Wednesday morning to change his plea to guilty.

David Verbos faces several federal robbery charges.

He is accused of holding up a Target pharmacy and a check cashing business.

During those robberies, Verbos was supposed to be at work, but court documents show he called in sick.

Verbos was a deputy for 10 years and a School Resource Officer at Rex Putnam High School.

One down, a whole force to go...
Yes truly 21.Mar.2006 11:45

another fan of Madam Hatter

Yes truly; I'm so glad this loser if off the streets and away from our teen girls who he seems to like so much and w/o a gun and badge!
Thank Goddess.

sentencing 29.Mar.2006 15:24

anyone with more info should speak up! (former students)

Sentencing is May 23, downtown at the Hatfield courthouse with Judge Jim Redden. Don't know the time. Probably tbd.

How well known was it about the alleged statutory rape/affair while at Rex Putnam? The school administration out and out praised him when he left there to come to Wilsonville.