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Fight for Fouad, Remember Rubio

Attention: Activists and other citizens!

Three upcoming events may provide opportunities to speak out about lack of police and government accountability in Clackamas County.
It's Wednesday. That's Sandy Post day up here on the mountain. Three notices appeared in it today that may be of interest:


Accountability subject of town hall meeting

Join Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and state Senator Rick Metsger for a town hall meeting at 6:30 pm Wednesday, March 22, to discuss government accountability and hear from the community on issues that matter to you. The meeting will be held at the Sandy Senior Center, 38348 Pioneer Blvd. Call 503-668-5569 for more information.


Also, state representative candidate Suzanne VanOrman and Clackamas County commissioner candidate Lynn Peterson will be at a meeting of District 52 Democrats from 10am to noon, Saturday, March 18, at the Route 26 Restaurant, 39024 Proctor Blvd. in Sandy. It says "All local Dems ... are encouraged to attend."


Finally, the Sandy Mountain Festival is accepting applications for the parade in July. Applications can be downloaded in PDF format from sandymountainfestival.org.


I especially encourage everyone to come to the town hall meeting. Our voices may fall on deaf ears (what else is new), but it's an opportunity to speak out about accountability (or lack thereof) and "the issues that matter" in a relatively intimate forum. I've never been to one of these before, but the Senior Center isn't that big, so I don't expect they anticipate a huge crowd. Let's rally!

The District 52 meeting of the Dems really just asks for those "interested in working together in the 2006 election cycle". I'm pretty fed up with the Dems, and have no idea where these two candidtaes stand on any issues, but it might be a chance to talk to them about it - again, up close and personal.

And I have no clue what the requirements are for entrance in the Mountain Days parade. It's probably pretty unlikely they'd approve a protest group. But I just have this fantasy of a battalion of us marching behind grand pooh-bah Chief Skelton! (Actually, the HS principal is the grand marshall this year. I guess Skelton wasn't up for the public humiliation.)