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imperialism & war m19 2006

M19 Women's Convergence & Feeder March

Sunday, March 19, 12:15pm
South Park Blocks (SW Madison & Park in front of the Art Museum) and marching past Pioneer Square to Waterfront Park
CODEPINK Portland, other area CODEPINK chapters, and other women's groups are gathering at 12:15pm to bring the women of Portland together in saying NO to the war in Iraq. We will gather while the Radical Cheerleaders and others perform, and Eman Ahmed Khamas, Iraqi journalist and activist, will say a few words. Then we will begin marching through downtown Portland, to join the Rally at Waterfront Park.

Just imagine the beautiful sight of a sea of women coming together in peace and love, pouring into the park and bringing our woman power to the larger rally!

We invite all women (and supportive men) to join us in saying NO to war!

For more information, or to volunteer (we need your help), contact Katie at  KatieH@riseup.net or 503-313-1884