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government | human & civil rights m19 2006

FBI Witch Hunt; Pay no never mind to the man behind the curtain.

Keeping our resolve is the best choice of action in this needless witch hunt and harrasment of activists.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....He doesn't know what he's doing.
And when I say he, I mean them, and they ... the not so illusive, not so covert intelligence operations that woud have better luck finding real terrorists down the yellow brick road than they would harrasing peace activists!!!
Since this war on "terror" started...how many "terrorists" have been actually been uncovered... exactly??? and since the patriot act...how many schemes have they uncovered with their "legal"wire tapping of innocent American citizens. If they only had a brain.... they'd know that peace needs not the use of terror to bring about change. If they only had courrage to seek truth and not invent they're own, then maybe they would find real terrorist threats, and if they only had a heart, then maybe they would actually work for the greater good of this nation instead of pushing the ever rolling adminstration propaganda/agenda machine.
The current regime would like to scare everyone in to silence. They're plan will only work if you let them. Fear is their only weapon....if you have nothing to fear, they will have nothing to do, but click their heals and go home.