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Worldwide Canadian Seal Hunt Protest

Wednesday, March 15 at Pioneer Courthouse Square, from Noon to 2PM, there will be a protest against the Canadian Seal Hunt.
When: Wednesday, March 15
Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square, Corner of SW Broadway and SW Yamhill
Time: 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

Sea Shepherd and many other organizations agree that it is necessary to join together to strengthen our chance of stopping the annual and ever-growing Canadian seal "hunt." This unified opposition is comprised of many groups with a variety of missions and strategies and we all agree with one thing: The slaughter of seals must end immediately and permanently!

One key action is to shine the international spotlight on Canada by staging a Worldwide Protest. Each year Sea Shepherd holds a protest on the 15th of March which is typically the first day that the "hunt" begins. (Note: This year, due to the fact that ice is not forming as it usually does, the start date has not yet been announced by the Canadian government.)

The Protest is being held on Wednesday, March 15, 2006, at Canadian embassies and consulates and other locations around the world.

Here in Portland, it is being held at Pioneer Courthouse Square, on the corner of SW Broadway and SW Yamhill, from noon to 2PM. Literature and posters will be provided.

If possible, please come join and take part in this worldwide movement.

For more information on the worldwide protest visit www.seashepherd.org.